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  • If you're curious about the Team Great Rocket leaders, I've made a post on Tumblr for that : Here

    Have a nice read :)
    Well it could be. :eek: whichever one you think is more fitting! ...in fact. you know what? Inferno can be Burgh/Chili, RagingInferno can be Eusine/Chili. there i WIN :U
    True XDD Not to mention both are the strongest trainers in Hoenn XDD I guess people saw how the shipping names can be actually used everywhere and wanted to have something that they named XDD I think it's similar to "claiming" something XDD
    You named Originshipping?! I SO have to thank you for it!! I really really ship them hard and the name just suits them well!! It's awesome to see the actual person who named the ship - lol! XDD
    a dance of joy? heavens, i feel unworthy of such festivities! ;o
    it does seem a great deal quieter around these parts than how i remember it... i guess a bunch of the old crowd has moved on to different things as well. c'est la vie :'(
    lmao well i've named so many ships i'm surprised anyone can pinpoint a single one... i can hardly remember them all tbh UwU

    oh gosh, that's heartwarming. ;_; i missed all of you crazy kids too. the other fandoms i tried out were fun, but it just wasn't the same~
    lol yeah, the one & only! i'm so transparent ;p
    oh pokemon fandom, why did i ever leave you?? i feel like i missed so much during my absence OTL
    The smell of Hollister is awesome. And sexy. And like awesome. I just love it, lol.

    I DID TOO OMG!!! I got Litwick, Servine, Lugia, and Shaymin! But I wanted like all of them! China Town was meh. Perhaps I didn't go deep enough, but I was more impressed with DC's Chinatown.
    Lol, I love cold weather. After all, you can only take off so many clothes, but you can put on as many as you want.

    Mmm. The NINTENDO STORE! Four Pokeplushies. And some Zelda stuff. Some Aero/AE stuff. I wanted to go to Hollister SOOOO bad. /loves Hollister, more accurately the smell
    Yeppp. It was nice. We had to wait in line for like an hour though! It was horrible and in the sun and... Horrible. I also expected it to be colder. *vaguely disappointed* I saw the Barnes and Noble :eek: So epic. And I hit a good bit of shopping.
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