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  • i'll be around for quite a bit today & tonight dude so as soon as you're on just shoot me a VM - we'll get there! :p
    Hey, you still interested in these events?:

    Oblivia Heatran (from the new Ranger game, Japanese WiFi Event, UT)
    Ovlivia Shaymin (from the new Ranger game, Japanese WiFi Event, UT)
    10ANNIV Lugia (UT)
    10ANNIV Entei (UT)
    10ANNIV Suicune (UT)
    10ANNIV Raikou (UT)
    WSHMKR Jirach (UT)
    Ranger Riolu (UT)
    Ranger Manaphy (UT)
    TRU Shaymin (UT, Hasty Nature)

    I picked these events:

    Baba Flygon: Naive
    Birthday Charmander: Naughty
    Birthday Chimchar:Mild
    Birthday Pikachu: Modest
    E4ALL Manaphy: Naivee
    Europe Movie 11 Shaymin: Jolly
    Kyoto Cross Media Experiences Pikachu: Naughty
    Red Metagross: Brave
    Saikyou Dragonite: Mild
    Tom Heracross: Quirky

    BTW, Why did you choose Ranger Riolu when you already have it in your list? Ranger Riolu and Kyle Riolu are the seam, aren't they?
    Sorry bout last night, my wifi was acting up badly, so I couldn't trade, or tell you that I couldn't trade (im on my iPod touch :L). Hopefully we can trade later today :).
    Aha, you posted just as I went and checked :p.

    I will be in the wifi room in 5, using my Ss FC.

    Can I just ask, how did you come by these, RNGing?
    i'm in the UK so GMT i think it's called - i can get on pretty much any time saturday but weekdays i'm only at home (& online) between about 8pm-11pm give or take an hour either way
    i don't get on much in the week but shoot me a VM (with your FC) when you can get on wifi & we'll sort something out dude
    Could you breed me these?

    shiny minun - timid/modest
    shiny swablu - timid/modest
    shiny mudkip - timid/modest
    shiny miltank - gentle/impish

    Other stuff doesn't matter.

    I've got all the TMs and items you want. Just pick the ones you want and we're good :)

    FC: 5199 1879 7587

    hey dude! the shiny minun (modest) swablu (modest) mudkip (timid) & miltank (impish) are all ready to go dude - shoot me a VM when you can get on wifi & i'll get in there dude
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