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  • thank you so much! I'm glad to hear that you like my stories. ^-^ Sorry I didn't reply earlier, but I was on vacation in China ;] But anyway, a belated welcome to the ADV thread, thank you for the friend request, and i hope you have a wonderful day :]

    Okay, I can trade now. Do you have Shaymin/Celebi/Mew? I just need the data, so I'll return them back to you. But if you don't have them, it's okay. Just give me any pokemon. :)
    Oh, and I haven't evolve the Hoothoot yet, but it's at level 99 and only needs 23 Exp to level up. I just want you to actually watch your shiny Hoothoot evolving. And if you like the Hoothoot, you don't have to evolve it at all. :)
    I already got your shiny Hoothoot ready. I did a minor adjustments on it's EV spread and moves set.

    Hoothoot (Keen Eye & Timid)
    Item : Leftovers
    EV : 252 SpAtt/252 Speed/6 SpDef

    -Air Slash
    -Shadow Ball
    -Hidden Power (Grass) - which I think can help you against Rock and Ground pokemons with Rock moves and Water pokemons with Ice moves. As for Electric pokemons, either use Shadow Ball or just switch away. :p

    Actually, Noctowl is more suitable in stalling (with maximum of 320 in Sp Def), with Toxic, Reflect, and Hypnosis. But since this one is chained, so the IVs are not that great. So I just put on the best offensive Hoothoot/Noctowl that I can come up with. Maybe there're better options for it's moves, but I personally thinks that this one can do a little bit of sweeping job. I hope you'll like it.
    Noctowl can't really kick ass, but I'l try to maximize it's Sp Att power. It's only strength is Sp Def and HP, with low Def and Speed. How about this:

    Noctowl with Keen Eye (Timid)
    Item : Leftovers
    EV : 252 HP/252 SpAtt/6 Speed

    -Air Slash
    Deoxys is fine. And do you want the shiny hoothoot EV trained and do you want it to know certain moves (moves tutor and TM) and do you want me to evolve it? I can do all that for you. :)
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