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  • Oh jeez that's a terrifying thought. The Doctor needs hair. The divorce was retarded but I loved Amy and Rory as companions and I loved everything with Clara in it.
    were you a midget before? :p

    I kind of forget but you were younger than me right?

    Honah famary? xD well I can't say I'm an honor student I'm still very lazy and I procrastinate a lot -w- but I manage to pull through, I wish I could get over the laziness though.

    Well that sounds reasonable, though lots of all nighters are bad for you :p and it's cool you can drive, I still haven't learned myself.

    Well me, in one year I got my heart broken, failed two course, had to repeat those two courses, failed one of those again then passed it in the third try (physics sucks okay?) I also worked at a hardware store for a while, I started attending this networking course, and I'll be going to Europe in the summer.
    Well it has been two years Kai :p time goes by so fast xD

    And yes I started going to college last year I've been doing good, I had to deal with a lot of problems and classes though so it can be a bit hellish at times xD

    And thank you :3 she's awesome.

    So how are things on your end?
    Aww I liked Season 7. I mean it helps a lot that Clara is like super hot. But I do like Matt Smith. Besides, 50th anniversary, Rose and the 10th will be back :D
    Um...who are you :p

    Nah I'm just kidding xD I've been good, dealing with college recently which has been a bit of a drag considering all the math courses I have to take -w- got a girlfriend too.
    There is a certain degree of actual work, but it's few and far between all the goofing off I do while I'm there.
    Not sleeping properly for weeks does that to you. I mean I'm not Asian, I can't get math right all the time :p

    I work at the university now, in tech support. $29 an hour to sit on AIM and play my 3DS and stuff. Pretty sweet.
    I'm going to have to start locking my door at night. You're always dropping by then hiding the evidence.
    The fact it took you a week to reply to my VM recovers some of your inactive credibility ^.^

    It's kinda cool to know you're still poking your head in around the place. I should totally undelete your posts so everyone can see you :D
    I lol'd. You're clearly still "active" if you saw that thread before 95% of the actual gym leaders :p
    Probably shouldn't reply to this since you aren't gonna be here, so I won't. But in case you do visit to see this, expect a reply soon, and you know what I mean.
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