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  • Houndoom as a HM slave? I'm training it for the Battle Fronteir. The only reason I'm training Espeon and Giratina is because I use them during the Elite Four, and in Platinum, they increase their levels by at least ten, which makes them super hard.
    Their all over the place, aren't they? I usaully don't train the HM slaves, I always use my starters for some reason, the Houndoom is still in training, as well as the Espeon and Giratina.
    Ah, okay. My team is: Infernape lv.94, Giratina lv.72, Staraptor lv.36, Houndoom lv.38, Espeon lv.68, and a Buizel at lv.16. The Buizel is a HM slave...
    Well, I'm always changing my team and I never really understood if the question "What's your team" means the Pokemon thats in your party...
    I used to be impatient about training, now I become mindless when I do. I also haven't EV trained any of my Pokemon.
    I usaully catch high-level Pokemon, breed them and raise the offspring. A lot of times I do it for egg-moves.
    It does slow it down, but in a way it speeds it up because two Pokemon are getting exp points.
    Give it a Exp.share and let a sronger Pokemon fight. Thats what I do when I'm training.
    I joined a new site, and my brother made me a moderator, other than that, not much happened.
    Not yet. I'll play it later in the week if I'm not play Final Fantasy 7.
    Final Fantasy, Okami, Fable 2, Zoo Tycoon, Sims, Nintendogs, The World Ends With You, Spyro... Theres a bit more.
    Warm weather is fine, it's just when it's above 90 degrees that I hate. I prefer Autumn.
    Ah, okay. I'm actaully hoping to move a bit north of where I currently am, as it's a little too hot for me.
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