• Snowy goes in for a rematch against Nessa. Will the tides turn in his favor, or will he get dragged under by the current? Watch here to find out.
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  • No worries :).

    Definitely, I loved how it still outsped a couple of your team members whilst paralysed :p.

    Cheers, I'll VM you when I'm ready for that rematch ;P.
    Yeah, definitely not illegal, I'm not saying it is. I'm running calcs because it worked so well, and it might be a spread that I would be interested in playing with in future.. I run calcs on loads of stuff so I can get an idea of how to play them, what they can switch into etc..

    Yeah, I enjoyed it too :). Aha, I think Yanmega is too unique to not use, though today is the first time I've used the team, so I'll be making some tweaks for a rematch sometime soon :p. Congrats on becoming no. one :D.
    Not at all, I'm just curious.. it's not exactly an orthodox spread. Yeah, if your running 252 Spe, it will outrun, usual Suicunes don't though, hence my surprise over it. Like I said it's an unorthodox spread that I'm interested in running some calcs on.
    If you could give me it's exact EV spread.. it would be good if I could do some damage calcs.. I don't mind about having legendaries on the ladder, it just took both physical and special hits a bit too well from what I expect from a Suicune.
    Whaat.. if your Suicune has EV investments in SpD and Spe, which it must do from the way it's played, it can't be that physically bulky as well..
    What kind of weird EV spread are you running on Suicune? Cause it doesn't usually take special hits as well as it did against Kingdra, and it definitely doesn't usually outspeed Heatran..
    Ahh that sucks :/. If you need a Gyarados, I have a couple I could trade to you after our battle :D. I'm online now.
    I put it up when we started and it's still going which is good. =] hopefully it will allow me to do it now without that process
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