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    How to get friend code/connection problems

    I personally have never used the Wi-Fi USB Connector, so you'd have to ask someone who uses it, but I'm not sure of anyone who does. I hear there are a lot of issues with it, but it works flawlessly for some.
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    How to get friend code/connection problems

    I'm actually thinking it may go unnoticed, but play it safe and let them know just incase? *Paradox*
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    How to get friend code/connection problems

    Okay. I know how we can fix this. Once more, and hopefully for the last time ever, go to your routers homepage (using your IP Address) and go to the Security tab. Your computer, given that you are on a WPA connection should say WPA or WPA-PSK in terms of Security Mode. Simply change it to 64b...
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    How to get friend code/connection problems

    This is probably the most ironic/useless help I've ever given someone on the Tech Help forum, and I do apologise, but here goes; I too have a WAP address rather than a WEP address, but I'm on Wi-Fi almost daily. :P When inserting your Wi-Fi connection setup information in to your DS, sometimes...
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    How to get friend code/connection problems

    A WEP key is also 8 characters long, so that sounds about right. However, it could also just be your IP Address you are getting confused with, your subnet mask, or a list of things it might not be, so let me just walk you through how to get it quickly. Click Start, go to Run and type in...
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    How to get friend code/connection problems

    Without posting it in this forum, how many digits is it?
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    Wifi battles slowing down

    I have no idea where the person you are battling lives (and I don't know if you do either), but this for the most part is perfectly normal. It is not an unprecedented thing to receive delays in your Wi-Fi battling, dependant on where people live. The slowing itself is caused by a tempremental...
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    What Internet Browser do you use/prefer?

    I use Firefox all the GD time, but I have Chrome as my default browser (yeah, don't ask. ). I use Chrome because its faster than Firefox, but I have no real idea how to use Chrome. When I want my bookmarks, I can never find them because there's no toolbar on Chrome like there is for FF and IE. I...
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    Ulgamoth Theory

    In fairness to the OP, at least this isn't one of those fail threads in which the poster didn't actually reinforce their facts just because Ulgamoth looks kl nd cud be possible legdin, yes?/ But I can see why s/he would thing it is a legendary. I personally am going to label it as the first...
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    The Best Videogames Nobody Played

    Glover for the N64. A truly interesting concept for a game and one I thoroughly enjoyed, but a lack of players and fans prevented a sequel.
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    Ok, ok, supposing it was real, What Pokemon whould you find in your Area?

    Common; Pidgey, Starly, Taillow, Wingull, Sandshrew, Marill... We get foxes so probably Vulpix. We often get sparrowhawks and kestrels, so possibly something on par with Skarmory. Plus, everyotherbloodyneighbour has cats, so like spam Skitty, Meowth and Glameow.
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    If it existed, what kind of berry plants will you find in your backyard/garden/etc.?

    Re: If it existed, what kind of berry plants will you find in your backyard/garden/et Tamato, Razz and Leppa berries. :o
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    I can't name my foe?

    You couldn't name May, nor could you name Brendan.
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    Wii Shop Gifts

    The former.
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    Wii Shop Gifts

    We had something almost identical to this a while ago. But yes. You absolutely must have the internet working on your Wii to receive a gift via Shop Channel. At least, I have had to when I received one.