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  • Wow! Those are amazingly done! Well, looks like I don't have to try to sprite them myself xD I love how perfectly they transcribed them from 3d model to 2d sprite. Thanks for showing me that! I literally never would've found it :)
    yeah. I've never attempted a scratch sprite without at least something to base it on, but it's mostly an issue with the outlines or proportion, which is actually an issue I have with some drawings too xD If I had the skill at scratch spriting, I would so attempt to make a sprite for each of the sixth gen pokemon. That would be so cool! ^-^
    Mixing and recoloring are a lot easier, believe me. I've tried making scratch sprites before (Fake Pokemon mostly lol) and they never really turned out well. I intend to fix 'em up a bit, but I'll probably never make one that'll turn out well. xD
    I'll see what I can manage, but no promises lol. Have you ever tried spriting? It's kind of like drawing, but it's centered around making 2d graphics like the ones found in games. Now that's something I know I'm really bad at! I can recolor fine, but everything else looks like garbage when I do it -.-" Still, it's really fun :) If you haven't, I suggest giving it a try.
    Oh come on! Don't put yourself down like that. I'm sure they're a lot better than you think they are. And I'd love to show you a drawing or two sometime. Once I figure out an easy way to get one of them on my computer without it looking blurry or worse xD That tends to bemy luck with those things
    Aww its not sad! I don't think I can draw very well either and love drawing/learning to draw anyway. I've been told I can, but I disagree, especially compared to others. The main problem is, if you compare how you draw to someone else, then of course you'll probably like theirs better. The thing is, each person has a different style and just needs to learn to draw in a way that compliments said style. As the popular saying goes, we are our worst critics. Don't worry, I'm sure I'd like your drawings better than my own and I'm also sure many others would feel that way :)
    Yeah? I haven't seen any trailers for it, but I did a quick search and it sounds super awesome to me! It sounds like a video game version of a how-to-draw book on pokemon. I love the idea!
    I know lol. I think that's why I like it so much! It's like Raichu had a baby or something xD And at least it isn't the usual Pika-clone that looks so much like Pikachu (though admittedly the other Pika-clones don't look as much like Pikachu as Dedenne does a Raichu)
    lol nice xD Good thing some Dark types are part Dragon or flying so I can use wing attack or something to save them! And I'd have to say one of my favorites of the ones I've actually used is probably Dedenne, mostly because he looks kinda like a Raichu and he's part Electric too! :3
    Awesome :D Just don't use your fairy types against my Dark types, ok? ;) Since your a fairy type master, I mean. Speaking of which, who's your favorite fairy pokemon?
    Nice :) and Thank you! I'm not sure why, but I really just like dark pokemon and pokemon that look darker I guess xD I have the CharizaditeY, but I honestly really like the look of Charizard X better in a way. Of course, I definitely like Charizard Y too. I hope this won't be taken the wrong way, but I'm glad your older than me. I was kinda worried that everyone else might be younger than me >.<" lol nice to meet ya! :D
    Currently. Well, he's my favorite legendary. My fave non-legendary is probably Raichu on most good days lol. And I'm actually seventeen, I turn eighteen in August. You? :) Tell me, you like Charizard right? Which of his Mega Evolutions do you prefer? ^-^
    That's so awesome! What's really weird is I have never actually heard of that character until now, and she seems super awesome xD Thank you for showing that to me! :)
    Which female x-men character do you mean? lol Sorry but I'm kinda blanking on it xD I actually never thought about anything like that when I picked the username, it's just the one I've always used :)
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