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Recent content by Lyra

  1. L

    What Pokémon comes to mind for the person above you?

    With very strange reasons, Rayquaza
  2. L

    Primal Reversion

    Re: Ancient Devolution? That actually makes a lot of sense. But what if they decide to make it how it was before in the 7th gen, would that mean they would boost it another way if this is the case?
  3. L

    1000 Things To Do in Walmart When You're Bored

    #827 dress like a hobo and say thar you earn more than them. (probs true too)
  4. L

    What Pokémon comes to mind for the person above you?

  5. L

    What Pokémon comes to mind for the person above you?

  6. L

    Do you use the GTS?

    I try to use it, but it's really outrageous as everyone asks a legendary even for their bidoof. I have to hunt and hope that I can lose the deal on the proper trades. Btw, the GTS doesn't allow event legendaries (atleast some of them), so asking for Celebi and Darkrai is pointless.
  7. L

    Used Metronome!

    Jump Kick
  8. L

    Will you be my...

    No, unless you want to have eternal food poisoning. Will you be my cab driver so I can go to places and stuff?
  9. L

    What type would the user above be?

  10. L

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    Dark Souls II.
  11. L

    What is the User Above Known For?

    Known for being stuck inside a ketchup bottle for centuries, and the only thing that can set him free is Typhlosion getting a mega.
  12. L

    Usernames Combine!

    Holy-chan ;o
  13. L

    What type would the user above be?

  14. L

    Misty's Wanting of Specific Non Water Type Pokemon

    It's still a normal type. It doesn't matter what she intends to do with it. I know what you mean though, I suggested it to be of a little annoyance ;p
  15. L

    Primal Reversion

    Re: Ancient Devolution/Primal Reversion Solarpunch :)))