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  • You can go nuts at lunch though :p

    And okay, I can understand xD it is a lot of chapters after all.
    Were you able to resist? xD

    By the way, were you able to get another look at my fic? I know you were busy before.
    Don't make me hungry xD it's really late for me to get hungry right now xD
    That looks mighty tasty actually :eek: did you do it like how it is in the picture?
    Yeah I already saw the first ep of it yesterday, I'll probably catch up on it today. It's actually funny that this is exactly how I imagined Joseph would be in his old age xD
    Well, is there anything u wanna talk about? U no, now that things r settled n all? I don't start things off very good, as you can c. *blushes*
    All right I just finished the first anime and that was awesome! the second arc was really great and Joseph was a great protagonist, actually considering he was around for most of the anime he was sort of a truer protagonist than Jonathan, the first arc could be like a prologue or something of sorts.

    That ending was really great, the fights were great and the deaths were sad, I personally would've wished to see Caesar shine a little more but he was still a good character. I laughed at how Joseph survived and how he ended up becoming a doting father and hated japanese because his daughter married a japanese man xD
    Yeah, I'll probably fast forward today to the meeting point so we can get started a bit more xD

    Well that's mostly owed to the fact that I have a tendency to do a lot of research on what I'm watching/reading (I need to stop that >>) it's my way to kind of interest myself more with what I'm reading or watching in a sense.
    Well good thing I could help xD

    Goldencrantz is going to be a bit disappointed xD this is something tha'tll be explained once the actual guild is form but Bounty Hunter guilds aren't really allowed to kill unless the request specifically calls for it (in which case it would be a high level request) or say a request that requires them to face a huge threat (human) and the only option for them to complete the request is by killing said threat.

    By the way I'm not too far into it but I think I caught a jojo reference in your post :p
    Oh wow, well make sure to rest up properly then, sorry for bothering you with this xD;
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