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  • Hello, hello. It's been a while, perhaps you might recognize me, perhaps not. How goes your life?
    Ah these are great ones! Lucario is one of my favourite Pokémon as well and I also really like Arcanine, Fire is unsurprisingly my favourite type :)

    Yeah I'm having a simple birthday but that's fine for me, December is filled with celebrations enough anyway :)
    Thank you :-D yeah Garbodor is ugly, I don't mind it too much but it's a pretty bad Pokémon indeed. What's your favourite Pokémon?
    No problem, is it ok if I scan them tomorrow?

    I'll need to dig out my scanner and I have to get ready to go out in an hour, I'll be able to do it tomorrow though. I've got a lot of other games boxed too if you need any other covers scanning?
    I do know a few places you can find box art, you could try searching for the games box art on google images, if you scroll down far enough you'll usually find the PAL boxart. Another option which I've found luck with is sometimes on ebay you'll find people selling genuine empty game boxes without the carts, sometimes complete with the manuals.
    Rainbow Cloud
    Rainbow Cloud
    I've bought these for as little as 99p sometimes though the postage takes it to about £2 to £3. What games are you looking for?
    Yeah, he's BLINDED!!!!! The Opening makes it seem like he's on Team Flare Side, (although DON'T ALWAYS believe the Openings LOL!) But yeah, SOMETHING will eventually click with him I think, once he sees Lysandre's TRUE NATURE!!
    THAT TRAITOR!!!!!!! OOOOOOOO LYSANDRE!!!!!!! HE TRICKED EVERYONE in Mega Evolution Special Part 4, the last shot of him in the Special is an EVIL Smile from him. OOOOOOOO THAT SON OF A *ITCH!!!!!!! I'm SOOOOOOOO EXCITED for him down the Road.
    IKR?! I HATE this limited typing amount, it's ANNOYING!

    I'm late on a response because I saw Spectre for a 2nd time! :)
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