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  • Yeah, I like the alerts too, it's kind of similar to a system I've seen on another site :)
    I managed to save my old blogs to a word document so I'll be re-posting my bulbafriends run soon and continuing with it. If I do another one after I finish this one I'll definately ask you to suggest a pokemon.
    The 140 characters in a profile post sounds like it could be a pain too, I've noticed the 1 minute delay when posting. I suppose the 1 minute deley could help to prevent ninja's in up or down I guess.

    I do like the feature which tells you that new post have been made before you post your own though, it's nice to avoid being ninja's :)
    Haven't actually checked the blogs yet but it doesn't sound good from what you say, I hope they can inprove them. I don't really blog much myself but I was doing a bulbafriends playthrough of omega ruby on mine before the move that I need to finish sometime.
    I'm good too thanks :)

    How are you finding the new forums so far?

    It's been kind of mixed for me so far, I like some of the new features here but I also miss some of the old ones too, I guess I'll get used to things eventually :D
    Yeah I think we're both fans of Pokemon and Sonic games, they're my main two series, though I'm a bit disillusioned with Sonic in recent times.

    Yeah I'm pretty much a mixed gamer too, probably my favourite genres are action/adventure/RPG/racing and sometimes a bit of strategy :)
    No problem, I collect old games and consoles whcih is why I know a bit about region locking on them.

    I'm probably not the best person to recommend games though as I'm fairly set in my ways with the games I play, I really need to try some new games myself :D
    It may be worth asking a few different people what games they would recommend too to get a better idea.
    Sadly region locking just about greed really as there's no technological reasons why you can't play games or DVD's from other regions, it forces people to have to pay the local price for a game/dvd by preventing people from being able to import a cheaper copy from another region.

    Can't really think of many PS2 games to recommend as there's a lot of good games but none that really stood out for me, for the PS1 some of my favourites were the Crash Series, specifically Crash Team Racing (one of my favourite games of all time), The Spyro Series, Rayman and Digimon World :)
    I'm not sure how to get past it on the PS2 but you can get past it on a PS1 by getting a chipped PS1 as the chip that allows them to play copied games also disables the region locking. There's still a few of those machines about as people playing copied games was a big problem back in the day. I picked up a chipped PS1 on a car boot sale for £2 a couple of years ago to play import games and it works great. I don't use it to play copies though as I don't like piracy and PS1 games are really cheap anyway :D

    I'm not a fan of region locking either, Sony's pretty much all but scraped it on their consoles now, PS3/PS4/PSP/PSVITA (though PS1 games are still region locked on the PS3) but Nintendo are just getting worst with it :(

    I also know a website which tells you how to unlock most DVD players too if that's also helpful?
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