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Recent content by M Block

  1. M

    Porygon, Mudkip with curse an Scraggy with Drain Punch give awayy

    I guess I'd like a Porygon. If possible, can you name it Alpha (I'm not entirely sure if it's possible to nickname Dream Radar pokemon)? My FC is 1421 4690 0112
  2. M

    Your "THATS NOT POSSIBLE" moments

    Actually, the Master Ball failure thing is possible. It's an extremely slim chance, less likely than encountering a shiny, but it's possible.
  3. M

    Wild Starters in Our Future?

    It's entirely possible that, by the time of the 1st-Gen games, most starters, at least in the main series games, were bred in captivity. Also, wild Pokémon have appeared in the wild in Fiore, Almia, and Oblivia, and the Ranger games do exist within the same canon as the main series games, as...
  4. M

    Third Version?

    Yeah, it's either going to be Pokémon Gray/Grey, like the color of Kyurem's body, or Pokémon Clear/Translucent, like its wings.
  5. M

    Fukiyose Airport - What is it for?!

    Hmm, I'm hoping that in either the third version or in a DLC pack, it'll bring you to Hoenn, Kanto, Orre, and/or a new region, possibly located north of Unova. In a River Valley. With a rural town surrounded by farmland, and in which Riguree can be found in the surrounding routes.
  6. M

    Which aesthetic do you prefer?

    Both, I guess. The grass growing on the sidewalk in one city is pretty cool (reminds me of the weeds that I'd see growing in cracks in the sidewalk when I was little), but so are the tron lines between the squares in the sidewalk in black version. But my favorite thing would be... the toy...
  7. M

    Pokemon you used to dislike, but have grown fond of over time.

    I have a list of them. Here we go... 1) Pokabu - He was my least favorite Isshu starter at first. Now he's been bumped up to second favorite, since he eventually evolves into FUCKIN' GANON!! 2) Palkia - I preferred Dialga at first, since I saw Palkia as being way too girly. Now, it's...
  8. M

    What are you doing in Preparation for BW?

    What am I doing? I transferred all of my Pokémon from my copy of Emerald over, and I started over so I could do a nuzlocke run of the game. How is that preparing? Well, I'm getting myself pumped up for Black and White's release. Of course, I kinda failed in that regard, since I'm already...
  9. M

    Which Will YOU Get Vol.2- Black or White?

    These games usually come out within a couple of weeks of my birthday, so Imma get both.
  10. M

    You Know You're a Big Pokémon Fan When...

    In a similar vein, you know you're obsessed with internet memes when your first thought when you read that was "Triple rainbow all the way" Anyways, you know you're way too into Pokémon when you wonder what Pokémon the personas used by various internet celebreties would use (So far, I have...
  11. M

    Can Pokemon Ever Regain Iconic Status/Popularity?

    Well, still, Bakugan and Beyblade are closer to Yu-Gi-Oh! (A series featuring a tabletop game that's a lot more serious business than it should be) than they are to Pokémon (A series where people battle powerful creatures. I agree. I only have one problem with it: They played the original...
  12. M

    Do you think the Westernization of Pokemon Black and White is a good thing?

    The thing is, for the most part, really, only Johto was influenced by Japanese culture. Kanto was very ambiguous though leaned towards japanese in terms of geography, Hoenn was also ambiguous, though the mythology was influenced by Hebrew mythology, and Sinnoh was influenced more by French...
  13. M

    Your "That's a Pokemon?!?" Moments

    I actually had a moment like this happen with Riguree and Oobemu, but in a good way. You see, I live about... 60 miles north of NYC, which Unova is based on. Around here, UFO sightings used to be insanely common, at one point occurring on a daily basis. To see two Alien-like Pokémon in a New...
  14. M

    Clever Pokémon Nicknames

    Re: Clever Pokemon nicknames The name of any physicist - Any member of the Dragon Trio. I prefer Einstein for Dialga, Newton for Palkia, and Hawking or Morgan-Mar for Giratina. 'ThelVadam or Arbiter - Palkia. Why? It sorta looks like the Arbiter. Eldritch (as in Eldritch Abomination) or...
  15. M

    Which unbuyable items should be buyable?

    Mex revives? What do those do, revive your pokémon and change the country that it's from when traded over the GTS to Mexico? Change the nickname to the Pokémon's Spanish name when revived with it? Anyways, I like the rewards card system, or have something like the rewards shop at the...