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Recent content by MaahirMomtaz12

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    S23: Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode Dub Title Thread

    Damn that's a long wait
  2. M

    S23: Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode Dub Title Thread

    Any information on the next 12 episodes? Are we getting 12 episodes every month on Netflix?
  3. M

    Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon -- Ultra Legends Dub Episode Title Discussion

    A better title for SM138: A Glaring Showdown!
  4. M

    Preview SM142: Burn! Swell Up!! Full Battle!!!

    I think Kukui's last Pokémon is either Alolan Ninetales (from the games), or Kommo-o (because it was only in one or two episodes)
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    Review SM103: A Passionate Heart That Can Smash Even Rock! Lychee and Takeshi!!

    Maybe cause they acknowledged Diamond & Pearl?? Or technically Brock got the Bonsly in Kanto during Battle Frontier and then evolved in Sinnoh
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    Preview SM104: Poni Island Research Project! Search for the Island King!!

    Oh damn so Meltan will be making an appearance soon and Shaymin is gonna ahow up again! That's dope
  7. M

    Review S21 EP17: Getting a Jump on the Competition!

    Not sure if this is noteworthy but Alyson on her Facebook confirmed that she voices Snorunt and will continue to do so
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    Review S21 EP43: Filling the Light with Darkness!

    They called it the Matori Matrix in the dub which finally, after 8 years confirms that her name is Matori in both English and Japanese. Gozu not sure yet I think Gozu is the same in English as well
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    Review S21 EP44: Full Moon and Many Arms!

    Closed captions in an earlier episode showed Matori
  10. M

    Review SM099: Eievui, Where Are You Going? To Go Anywhere to Meet Up!

    Kinda fun fact, but it looks like because Popplio learned Surf, that means that the anime has removed the restrictions of Surf being used because since the Black & White series, Surf has been banned from being shown in the anime because of you know, tsunamis and such. Now, when will Earthquake...
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    Preview SM096: Rocket-dan and Nuikoguma!

    Yep. Jessie will catch Stufful
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    Preview SM094: Great Gathering of Ghost Pokémon! Everyone's Haunted House!!

    Season 22 starting off with 4 fillers in a row! Just what everyone wanted...
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    Season 21: Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon - Ultra Adventures - Dub Episode Titles Thread

    So SM078's proposed dub title is real after all