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  • Nah, Japanese names are fine! I'm a bit more certain of the dub names, but I think I have enough knowledge of the Japanese names to manage! ;) Is it alright if I continue using the dub names, or will this get too confusing, lol?

    My laptop's wallpaper is Paul, though, (and my binder cover, and other stuff). So, I can't really deny my obsession. XD

    But as for other characters I like, I LOVE Reggie, and I also like Cilan and Barry. Oh, and I like Oshawott. As far as non-anime characters, I'm a big Silver fan as well. There's only one character I truly can't stand...and that is Piplup. Dawn's Piplup, to be specific.

    I see that you like Paul, Cilan, and Conway from your groups(good choices :D )...Anybody else as well?
    Sure, we could chat! You can send me a friend request if you'd like, too.

    Wow, it's nice that people think that I fit in well on the forum! I was a bit worried that I seemed, well, TOO Paul-obsessed...? XD

    Nice to meet you!
    Hi,hope you dont mind but i decided to reply to your post through private message because its more convenient that way because of PMs not having character limit like visitor messages do.
    We only had one girl tomboy so far in main cast when writers werent experienced and good as much like they are now to be fair and she still got some great development being treated better than som other characters were,so if we received another tomboy now days im pretty sure she would be treated better than it was case before being showed with way sidekicks like Cilan and Iris are treated how quality increased.

    Speaking of Misty while she became less aggressive over time this was because she developed as character learning how to become more patient not exploding over every little thing like she did in early days.As time went on we can see how she developed in nice blend of old and new Misty going from insecure and impatient girl in more confident and independent as character while keeping her likeable traits still being quirky,sarcastic,witty,spunky,caring side etc.She is hotheaded and stubborn as well being capable of exploding when provoked enough always being tomboy to some extent,but she is also more grown up and mature as person at this point and time.
    I find her development being nice thing,because it gives character more depth making her overall more realistic and enjoyable to watch when discovering different sides about character.
    Still no messenger on my comp, sorry! The one that hotmail provides doesn't really seem to work either...I'll try to get it resolved soon, maybe by tomorrow.
    I...can't really imagine a world where Paul isn't Reggie's brother. The whole sibling admiration is pretty important to their plot...it'd just be weird if they weren't close like that. I'm not saying that being a "jerk" is his only defining characteristic, I'm fully aware of his complexities as a character, haha. It's just easier to brand him as such in certain situations, because it's hard to argue that outwardly, he's a little bit less than kind :p Reggie claimed that he always had a cruel streak, so I'm sticking to that. Any attempts at kindness or courtesy is probably out of obligation...until the end of the league of course ^^ But even then, I don't think that a complete "thawing" of his character was ever completed like so many of the fans expected...in that regard, I'm happy because it leaves the story with room to develop (OOC Paul is just too funny not to think about though XD)

    You have similar sentiments to a lot of people about BW then, lol. But at the very least, BW is entertaining...and usually the glorification of one character is more than enough to keep me interested :p

    Cool, how's it like over there?

    noooo!! D: lol okay.
    In my opinion, characters exist so they can be interpreted in different ways, especially if large portions of their history are cut out. But, it has to make sense with their canon personality too...like, making Paul all interested in romance and cute fluffy things definitely falls into the OOC territory unless there is a REALLY good reason why he's acting that way XD

    Best Wishes has been the most entertaining series for me as of late, but I have a feeling that it won't have that "complete" feeling I had with Sinnoh once it was finished. I mean, as much as the individual episodes please me in BW, there's no "glue" so to speak that holds it all together...no ultimate goal to be reached, no exciting sub-plot. But it's okay, Dento makes it all worth it ^^ Oooh, where are you guys going? :D

    *gasp* Yaaaaaayy!! Please tell me your first ship with him! as long as it's not wishfulshipping, lol
    Haha, okay. Anything on your mind as of late? Mine's been occupied with thoughts of cafemochashipping and college orientation XD
    Awww...no, please don't :( I'm sorry for not having responded! If you need to contact me via messenger, since I think you said that you have MSN, please don't hesitate! I just need the screenname again ^^; Mine's redruby71.

    And thank you! My graduation is on the 6th, so I hope things get a bit calmer after that. I;ve been running all over the place during this time, hahaha, it's a bit stressful ^^;
    Damn, I used jp and eng names all over the place XD Sorry about that!

    I ship Cafemochashipping (Ash x Dento) quite a bit now, not to mention Palletshipping. I also used to be a HUGE Rocketshipper, but that's died down a bit since the current BW Rockets aren't supplying me with the hints. Also, I'm a fan of Contestshipping and surprisingly enough...penguinshipping ^^;
    I should apolgize for the lateness of my response XD This tends to happen when I'm swamped with VMs...

    They would! I can imagine them turning really awkward and cute too..."How did you meet Shinji?" ("He fried my bike;" "He thought my elekid was his pikachu and I compared starly with him.") Misty's actually not one of my favorite characters, but she's entertaining. I like Orangeshipping for her, mainly because she seems to hang out with Tracey the most since Ash's departure. Mockshipping is more suited for a one night stand in my opinion XD Ursula might just go off ranting one day in a pokemon center on how much she hates Dawn - Shinji recognizes the name and kinda responds to it which prompts Ursula to get even madder - they exchange words of "I'm going to beat my rival" and find that they have a similar goal in that respect...get some tea or something. (I'm kinda a curtainshipper, but that's mainly because I think that Reiji is the type to womanize where he can :p jk)

    He was a jerk for the sake of being a jerk (and his great logical thinking pattern of Reiji = weak, Reiji is also nice; so to be strong, which is the opposite of weak, I must be the opposite of Reiji...a jerk).

    My favorite was of course: "OI, SHINJI!!!"
    Novelshipping, lol. I just hope that they meet each other when he's traveling through Kanto or something; drop an Ash reference somewhere in their conversation. It'd be cute ^^ Mockshipping is pretty amusing given how antagonistic both of them are...but I don't know if Shinji would care enough to interact with her considering...I'm not sure if he'd be the type to go for a coordinator, if you know what I mean. ColdCoffeeShipping also ranks high; thank goodness for the league jamming in a few scenes XD (You know, I think that the reason why Shinji was so rude towards Sumomo was because she and Reiji had probably spent a lot of time with each other...and he resented that ;) I mean, who else is going to keep Reiji company while Shinji's away on his journey? And I don't doubt that they're sparring partners either...Notice how Sumomo is the ONLY person other than Ash who receives this treatment from Paul ;D)

    I just thought that for a guy to make fun of another dude for his starly was just ridiculous...I think that the only reason why he was trying to capture those birds in the first place was because he saw Ash do it and he thought "I gotta one-up this guy." And then, he pulled out THREE that he already captured and released two of them so rudely. It wasn't the fact that he was conveniently powerful or the fact that he was so much different than Ash and his "training methods" or whatever...he was just a jerk. A really cocky, silly jerk XD But of course, I admire him for those personality traits now since they can be bastardized quite hilariously XDDD

    I remember laughing so much when both of them fell off the cliff and Shinji landed so perfectly like a ninja...oh gosh, what I wouldn't have done to see those two in an athletic competition XD
    I like to play with my words. Hehe.

    Question is, who would be dealt as the better rival: Silver or Paul? Although that is (fairly positive) a slightly overdone discussion. In the sense of better, I have to say who came out to have stood out more from the Pokemon main characters. That being characters who are into trust, not giving up until you've tried everything (thank you Ash), etc.

    I wonder...if Paul may have lost or done something where his Pokemon failed before Chimchar for him to not trust his Pokemon...

    I can understand that with how serious he is, he'll feel rather ticked that when he caught a Pokemon who demonstrated as great power as Chimchar had, that it does not show through again. He used his own time with the great feeling of having the strongest fire type he could have. It is deja vu as that situation resembles how Reggie went through his life getting badges and being this great trainer, then stopped.

    I myself think I would be rather different/strict/serious as I don't want to be betrayed (if that is the best word to say) or let down for putting my own time into something or someone only for it or that person to not live up to their potential.
    I wouldn't consider him to be evil as that is a term that in my belief can't always be used to describe someone. The fact that he holds the different ideals than most trainers and he's the type of grumpy person that he is is why I find myself to enjoy him. There is no lie that similar to what some people said in the social group, that I myself find he could hold a dominant personality and I like that.

    He's a rival that has quite the characteristics and as well a story to fit. Thus, I am someone who enjoys Paul and his Paulness. I don't think it is wrong except at a moral standard that his methods are considered wrong. His Pokemon do like him and yes, he does show an enjoyable adult level, although he does struggle with his emotions.
    It's nice to meet you as well Madame. If you do not mind me asking, but why do you like Paul? I always find it interesting to hear stories on how people came to enjoy Paul and his well...Paulness.
    Thanks for complying! :D

    Nope, I don't mind at all. In fact, I tend to switch between the two every once in a while depending on what my brain says...I'm just a bit weird like that ^^;

    What are your other two ships? Evashipping is so popular in the Japanese fandom (they tend to like aniki shippings a lot XD); more so than coma...but both are cute, so I don't mind. I think that as a child, Shinji was probably distanced from his parents in some way, either because of work or apathy, so he tended to look to his brother for most of his support. This explains why he was so crushed when he saw Reggie fail at something that he expected him to excel at...his aniki wasn't such hot stuff after all :'(

    Honestly, I didn't like Shinji at all in the beginning >_> I didn't mind the concept of an "evil rival" but I was really against pokemon abuse. He just seemed like a hollow jerk to me, but I'm glad they decided to flesh him out later...It seems that the tag battle arc was a turning point (and converting point, lol) for Shinji fans and non Shinji fans alike ^^
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