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  • Well, one hasn't been announced yet, but the last YGO game that came out didn't get one.

    It was the same map, but the locations of the dungeons were different, the dungeons themselves had harder puzzles and had a different map. There aren't multiple ways of doing things, it's just a more vague game on what to do where you need to be lucky to find the locations of some dungeons. The newer games just spill where you have to go, and sometimes even tell you what to do. The newer games have more brain thinking, but the original Zelda is mostly brawn and luck. If you look up a walkthrough like I did, you'd see what you'd need to do and not spend days searching for the hidden dungeon in the map. I admit it was a hard game at times and I had fun, but it was a walk in the park and just mindless monster killing with the dungeons not being hard to navigate with a map. I didn't play it all the time but I think it took me a week or two to finish both quests. The sequel game, Zelda II which was incredibly different being a side scrolling game, was much more interesting to play. It's one of the first RPGs going into Towns and talking to people to advance the story. I thought it was more engaging, and even harder.
    If I get it if it ever gets an English translation, I probably would. It's been good in helping to develop their characters.

    Yeah. It does sound a lot like the original Zelda, where if you beat the game you get a sequel. I loved playing through that and beating it. It's been 2 years, I think.
    I have only seen the banned Porygon episode myself as far as the original Kanto goes. I wish I could find the JPN episodes more easily. It's pretty tough, though, like you said.

    Ah, I see. Oh, no offense taken. Paul/Shinji was one of my favorite things about DP. I did like him a lot and the realism he brought to the show was great. The rivalry Ash and Paul shared was possibly my favorite thing about the DP series. That was the best rivalry in the anime IMHO, hands down. :)

    By too extreme, I mean DP took itself too seriously in my eyes. All the goofy humor and silliness was kind of absent most of the time in my eyes.

    It's always been forced to be honest, but it was better before than it is right now. It was tolerable before whereas now, it's really obnoxious. XD.

    The current dub IS closer to the original JPN version, though. (Aside for Team Rocket's dialogue = >_>).

    I think that would be a good mix in my eyes too. :)
    I think it might do good to check some other games out, but there's always the risk you may not like it and have it end up being a complete waste of money. The eShop has demos you can try out though. Yeah, they're playable characters. There are 40 of them. Yup, they're showing up again. They'll be:

    There a feature in the games where there's a baby you can name and give money once to get medicine. Once you beat the game, you can use the code and in the sequel game they'll grow up in a man who with advice you lead their future. It doesn't affect anything, and the most you'll get it 50 Rupees.
    I appreciate your concern, but don't worry we'll be fine XD.

    LOL. Well, it still helps game play in the games, and besides, there's the quality of the games, so it still depends on the selection of games available in the end. Pretty much most of the gaming stuff I like is only playable in the 3DS too. Speaking of the 3DS, there's a Zexal game coming out which will have 40 characters playable, with each having their own role and story in the game. Well, you just start fresh with 4 heart containers instead of 3, your sword upgrade if you get it which could be upgraded again getting the master sword and shield upgrade, which could also be updated again. The dungeons are harder and the antagonist is also different. I think the basic story of saving a magical girl is the same. Plus, the rings you get are also carried over! I started fresh on both games so I could play their sequel with both codes. I think other codes can be used, but then it wouldn't be how your journey was back. The code you get in the end depends on what you've done and got throughout the game.
    Ah, I see. No worries. I actually held Takeshi in pretty high esteem despite his flirtatious and somewhat dull behavior prior to Shinou. I still like the guy, but I was disappointed with how he was handled in DP myself. I can see where you are coming from on the development angle though. From that perspective, I can kind of see some subtle growth with his character in the DP series. It's a shame that the lack of screen-time is what truly did him in in my eyes. Had he had more, and from the little we saw, it would've been pretty good. You bring up some very good points about his development I took note of.

    Yeah, I actually started watching the JPN version since BW, mainly because the dub of BF and DP let me down and really depressed me to tell you the truth. Could be what I feel was a severe drop in the English dub's quality that spiked my distaste of BF and DP series more than anything else, but I think it has more to do with how I like the show to have a good balance of both goofiness and seriousness, depending on the situation. Though the English dub of these arcs definitely contributed to my disgust with them. When the series goes towards either extreme TOO much, then I get a little bit frustrated myself. Lately though in BW the current dub has improved dramatically (with the exception of Nyasu's English VA) so I'm able to enjoy it again. :)

    Some voice changes were more noticeable than others to me when the switch occurred. For example, IMO Team Rocket survived the transition pretty well (still prefer the original English voices, but the current are pretty decent...well, Meowth/Nyasu's current English VA was pretty good when he started...but in BW he's pretty bad, IMO), while Satoshi/Ash and the others...that was another story entirely to me. With time I've grown used to the current voices and I can accept them, but at the same time I'm rather depressed that I feel the superior VAs have been shafted in lieu of a weaker set of VAs.
    Lol, why worry about it? XD

    It's a lot of work having to constantly refine and improve the art. The 3D in games is completely optional, so I don't think it should really bother you. Well, there's how you can move your 3DS around to shoot stuff and maybe move the character in certain times. Oracles of Seasons and Ages is like Link's Awakening, but they connect in a certain way. You could play Ages, beat it, and use the code you get from beating it on a Seasons game and get to play Seasons as a sequel and vice versa. It's pretty original, and it's a shame the 3rd Oracle game got scrapped. The ability to go to the past and present in Ages whenever you liked was good in Ages, and changing the seasons in Seasons was a nice feature too.
    Hey, man. Sorry if I was rude when I was upset with the 2 rating you gave to Kanto, and a few others. It's just for me the things I look for in the Pokemon anime seem to differ from what you feel make it the best show it has been. I respect your opinion, though. To be totally honest w/you, I disagree vehemently about Takeshi's appearance in Shinou. I feel he was not given justice at all. Don't get me wrong, when Takeshi wasn't shafted and did something, he was still very likeable. I admit, there are good points to make about him: like how he was in DP190, and how he took care of Happiny's egg. Sadly, I feel like the lack of screentime did him in more than anything else. :(

    Plot wise, I'll give you that both BF and DP are the most intricate and mature out of all the series, yet they never really did it for me for some reason like the other arcs (even the horrific writing of BW) have. Perhaps it's the disappointment in the current English dub that has left a very sour taste in my mouth when watching both arcs, and maybe if I were to watch the Original JPN Version, my opinion may change about both arcs. Unfortunately, the dub left a very poor mark on my view of these arcs of the anime. I know I shouldn't let that get in the way of the writing etc. of the arcs, but still I feel like there were some flaws that bogged both sagas down for me.
    About pokemon spin of perhaps that would be most ideal option. That way main series with Ash could continue without involving unnecessary risk of replacing him with new protagonist and series which might end up disliked with low interest going for it. Never underestimate people attachment to character, especially such iconic and long lived like Ash.

    While spin of series could give to viewers which got sick from Ash something different to look forward to offering possibility of following adventures from Paul, Misty, May and other fan favorites. For instance we could see Paul challenging Brandon, learn more about his past and watch him develop.
    We could see how May is doing in contest career, her rivals and way in which things are played out between them.

    With Misty there definitely exist material to do side adventures about her too. Since many things about her water master dream were left unexplored, past and desires as well. We could see her enter water based events like Whirl Cup advancing her career ranking up from gym leader position, catch new pokemon, go on Seafoam islands to train with idol Lorelei trying to become her apprentice, develop her own battle style etc.But enjoy in her rich, fun personality too. Imo she was really fun in Kanto, Orange, Johto(though more in Master Quest than first two seasons with writers fixing lack of neglect and passivity she suffered from in mid of Johto), chronicles and cameos.
    To be fair i don't even think its marketing which cause Ash to regress down. Because you can still advertize new pokemon and features making main star relatable to young viewers by building up on his experience and skills as well. Something which already happened in Johto when keeping older pokemon in team, Hoenn or Sinnoh where he as experienced, mature trainer grew forward.

    Truth to be told it wasn't really until BW that Ash seemed regressed few steps back and that's mostly because of BW games revamp trying to sell vibe of "new beginning", with drastic change of several things compared to past series adding to that.

    Bringing us to conclusion how main issue is in writers subjecting show too much to games nowadays at expense of regressing its characters and plots to better fit image new games offer. Sad, because back than while show was always marketing tool writers were more bold and creative in treating anime more as separate media straying away from games to higher degree.

    However its no secret how current approach writers use cannot sustain itself much longer with show only losing on its reputation and credibility with fans complaints and constant drop of popularity being only culmination of dissatisfaction and let downs present for years. As such writers will have to change their entry and look for new ways to keep people interested, and judging by mostly negative reception established about this series and character development if this shows to not work, they might very well get Ash characterization back on right tracks changing their approach with way his story is handled.

    Ash is still massively popular character even among young kids. I mean for example my 7 year old nephew which watched him in Unova enjoyed in his hotheaded, impulsive personality, naivety and lot of care he showed. Though to long time viewers like us lose of his maturity and experience must have been jarring to witness.
    Oh hey! I'm doing fine. I hope you're doing good. Sorry to hear about the car by the way. Kinda bummed that I didn't pass one of my exams, but thankfully I can try doing it again this September. Failing an exam and having to do it again gives me some motive to study during the summer, though. I'm also practising my drawing. I've got a project to do that I chose to do that involves drawing Maltese monuments like this one:

    I'd love to see the Irises by the way! I don't think I've ever seen your drawings, so it should be interesting to see them. I've been also been playing the newest Mystery Dungeon 3DS game and it didn't disappoint me. I also got The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Ages and they've been pretty fun. After I played Link's Awakening last summer I really wanted to get both of them, so I was really happy to find out that they were going to come out on the 3DS in May. Are you a Zelda fan by the way?

    Oh and I'm really sorry for not responding earlier! I intended to tell you something, but I just forgot. i blame finalarcadia :p Oh and speaking of her, she's coming to Malta next year in January/February! I can't wait to meet her in real life and get to hang out with her for a month(or maybe three!).
    I understand your disappointment over way Ash has been handled, but to be fair just because he was handled badly now doesn't necessarily mean he wouldn't be treated better in next arc. Writers are humans just like anyone else being prone to make mistakes. But quality of good writer is in being able to overcome his own flaws and learn on past mistakes getting character he writes for on right track making him fun again.

    So personally even though writers disappointed me i also know they can do much better job than this being willing not to give up from Ash character giving them second chance. Because he has been around for too long having unfinished things and potential which deserve to be fleshed out. Every character which become stale can retrieve its appeal making us enjoying again if new life and creativity is breathed into him.

    Lastly im of opinion how anime should end with Ash journey, without new reboots getting made afterwards. Huge portion of its appeal comes from long existence being treated as continuity based entity following story which gradually go forward, instead of chopping it in several alternate versions tarnishing brand it build over the years. So i would be totally fine if pokemon series vends after Ash receives closure.

    p.s. Sorry to hear about bad internet connection. Yeah quality of connection also can depend on your provider so in case this issues continue to happen, maybe it wouldn't be bad idea to change him and look for someone else.
    Hi just wanted to say how i respect your opinions and understand your feelings about certain characters like Ash, but i have different perception on how should current problems get fixed finding he deserves better than leaving on such weak, pathetic note. Also since we started to derail that thread with talks about other characters not relevant to that topic perhaps it would be wise to stop with discussion there.

    To avoid inconvenience and unnecessary trouble.
    That article from Cracked is great, though it's not even just Nicholas Cage faces on Pokemon Yahoo! got; they got Nicholas Cage faces on pretty much any and everything. XD I'd never seen the sexy historical figures thing before, that is both bizarre and hilarious.

    The posts he has about Haruto, Kazuma and Astral was something he regretted instantly, so he purposely went out of his way to reblog a ton of gifs and cakes just to cover it up.

    If only there were gifs about cake, that would be perfect for Tron.
    Actually, it is kind of unfair to drop his trust and all on Yuma, who he really hadn't known all that well. And yeah, there's also how Yuma hasn't been able to find his own parents too, so it's like continually loading responsibilities on him. XD You're in luck, since surprisingly there's not an angst arc after this one. I think. If I remember correctly.

    LOL, the "and torturing people" at the end is such a great way to end a bio for him! He also occasionally may reblog pictures of cake, though those are fairly uncommon in-between all the gifs. The followers stay because they're probably in too much awe at how such a blog exists. XD
    He needs to take lessons on how to laugh menacingly from his brother IV. Yeah, it was interesting in that regard, and also how III went through with the duel for family's sake, but then ends up entrusting his feelings and desire to help them to Yuma. Seeing Tron's reaction to III's loss was nice as well.

    Maybe he blacklists everything but gifs like that, so that his dash is a constant stream of the bunny and bowtie one. XD And then he does what you said, where he reblogs it, just to add to the amount of times it appears over and over again.

    Oh, then you'll probably enjoy some episodes that are coming up fairly soon with him! He's got a couple of really good duels before the end of the first series.
    Oh, cool! Glad you liked seeing the episodes with III, they're some of the best. ^^ His "evil" laugh is really funny though, the way it doesn't come across menacing at all. XD

    That's a good point, and one I'd never thought about before. There comes something much later where saying something like that is pretty justified, but I don't want to spoil it, because it was a really great twist.

    LOL, he likes to keep up with the latest memes and popular gifs, of course!

    Now that you're farther into the series, who are your favorite characters?
    I think that two of the exams went really well, one okay, and the last one... well, hopefully the grades from the other classes make up for that one. ^^;

    Great! Hopefully when university starts for you next year, it'll go well enough that anything scary about it will evaporate. What sort of things are you studying now? Ah, I can understand that, about the replies. I'm also kind of a wuss when it comes to things like that. Maybe you'll be able to reply at some point though if I was in your position, I'd probably be unable to as well. XD
    I'm good now, since I finished my exams and papers last week. So a lot of my stress is gone now.

    How have you been lately?
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