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  • Okay Scizor wanted to learn Iron Head, but I declined that since it looked like you already had a moveset (?). Sorry if you wanted it though. ^^;
    Okay I'll get online! :) My IGN is Dolce, easy enough no? So just send me an invite when ready.
    Has redtown helped you out with a tradeback or no? If not I'll add your FC, and I'm good to go when your available.
    Yea sorry, I had a issue I had to attend today that took up most of my time. I can battle now or anytime this evening.
    Ah, I do remember that being reported in the thread. It did indeed count as a victory for you, as the battle was technically over.
    Sorry about that, I was actually unaware about the rule myself, until someone mentioned it during a post.
    I shouldn't have gone for the 4-0. Had I left Houndoom in to die, I would've been able to Sucker Punch with Cacturne and then Aqua Jet would've killed. Also, since you had used Dark Pulse, I would have survived and killed with Fire Blast. Ah well, hindsight is 20/20.
    I thought I had that in the bag... too bad Sharpedo can't even take an unSTAB U-Turn from a special attacker xD
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