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  • The professor Patrice didn't exist from your rumours.

    Also, you probably know that the next movie are being released with Mewtwo in it. YOu said that they were two Mewtwo forms in the game. Why the movie only features one?

    Do you think that the "biggest scoop of the century" will be very big or it will be like every issue of one generation just before release?

    There will be something gamebreaking like revealing a new type in next issue? Don't say what, for obvious reasons.
    For gamebreaking I don't sell: new character, new Gym Leaders, new info from Team Flare, new pokemon, second/third stages of starters, event pokemon reveal, side quest reveal*,

    Has some of your rumours not true because changes in development, like Patrice?

    Try to answer what you can.
    How exactly did TPCi approach you? Did they send a lawyer to your campus or something?
    The least he could have done was give you credit on his website after you had been discovered.
    Don't you resent him a little? Obviously he didn't force you to say anything, but he reaped the fruits of this whole business while you and your roommate got into trouble. I'm surprised that he of all people was quick to contact you in May. He doesn't really strike me as the type of fan who remembers wishlists posted on other forums.
    Honestly, I find him somewhat obnoxious. Not just for lying, but for posting the second batch of rumors after you got caught. That could have made TPCi suspect that you were still sending him information.
    I have a general question: Is the list that WPM posted a random assortment of details, or is there a reason why those specific things were revealed to you? Because I find it odd that even some of the obscure details have been confirmed, and I'm also worried that there isn't anything truly big left to reveal about the games.
    Patrice is nonexistent? Then why did you say that the professor's English name was Patrice?

    CoroCoro revealed someone called Professor Platane. We don't know his English name yet.
    I was wondering if you could confirm that Patrice and Professor Sycamore are one and the same.
    It's still weird since they're promoting one Forme over the other. It's akin to not revealing a second Eeveelution or a second new type, but I guess those aren't happening anyway.
    I'm curious about the second Mewtwo Forme, but I know that you won't answer and you might not even know anything more about it. Still, do you have any theory as to why it isn't appearing in the movie?
    If I may ask, don't you think that you made it a little too easy to find you? I know that you deleted your posts from the Nintendo Pipeline thread, but obviously they weren't really gone and your post on this forum was still in tact.
    Well, I hope for your sake that they won't hold the incident against you. Did they say as much?
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