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  • Hey dude please avoid sending Discord invite links unless they are requested directly in the relevant thread. Makes it trickier to keep track of populated links. Thanks!
    Hey man just heads up make sure you're quoting starter approvals. It's fine not to do it with Mart and UG etc but with starters we want to make sure that they're getting a notification cause they may not regularly check the thread yet. Thanks for all your help!! :D
    There, there. nopenopenope that was not okay even I can see that :eek:
    Ooh, Spain. That sound awesome. Anyhow, I might nab it if I have time and you don't mind! (I kind of almost claimed it earlier, but I figured intensity of grade would correspond to difficulty of capture and didn't want to grade for a Spiritomb if you were shooting for a Magikarp or something)
    I was really excited to see the new installment and then nope, heh. The placeholder thing was sad. D: Although, yeah, I've been catching a couple of typos and I finally got clearance to fix them lest they sit in mine and haunt me. Speaking of WWC, though, you should mention what you're trying to capture in Imagine so someone can grade it ^^

    Also, wow, flattered! I ended up writing the whole thing during the five hours before the deadline (lol New Year), so I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. :eek:
    Yo, I think editing WWC stories after submission deadline with major changes isn't legal. Hannah can probably give you an extension if you asked nicely, but that placeholder stuff be mighty odd. :x

    Still super-excited for the next installment of the Imagine series, though. ^^
    Aw dang, I came to say I am almost finished with your grade. Just a few more days, I promise. I didn't realize Winter had planned on grading it... I'm so sorry.
    Magik, if you don't mind waiting a little bit (since I have Uni work) I'll grade your story. I wanted to ask first in case you had someone else in mind.
    My internet is shaky, so I'll AIM when I can, lol. It is easier. Texting and IMing always is.

    And thanks! :D That means a lot, especially from a good writer like you. I haven't read your story yet, but at first glance it looks pretty good. And yeah, the battle was a little forced. It had to happen, and I had this amazing plot-special attack combos planned, but at the end it was like "This is too much, just do it and stop." xD
    Yeah, STILL haven't made a new AIM account...le sigh...I should just do it and get it over with. >_>;

    But yeah, it's good to be back. :)

    ...Even though I had to come back to you writing a novel for the WWC, and feeling that I'm the only one who'll actually bother reading the whole thing. xD
    Looks like we both had a little hiatus, huh? Well, it's good to be back in the swing of things...even though you're the only one of us that's still a Grader... >_>;

    Anyway, how've you been, Magik?
    Oh my God, I finished my WWC story last night and then totally remembered I was supposed to be reading yours, but it was like 2 am, so I just did, and it's freaking AWESOME. Like I'm not just saying that. I got hooked on it like an actual book or something. I wanna read more o_o You'll have to send it to me when you write some. I just VM'd you in case I don't see you on AIM, cause I might be busy. I start school again tomorrow. But yeah, it's awesome! :D
    Good to see you back! (And grading. >_>;) Don't forget to post your new grades in the grader log. ALSO, YOU BETTER STICK AROUND A LOT.
    I'm honestly disappointed that you didn't contact me in time. I really shouldn't have made it to this round.

    Well, thanks for replying anyway!
    So, apparently we're each other's first opponent in the tournament. When's a good time for us to have our battle?
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