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  • Yep, it sure it.
    You where the top poster in the last two games.
    rest is well deserved.
    I may wait a while too, haven't decided which team I'll be on - I joined in on V.10 a bit late, since I didn't know it was on, once I knew it was up I got in.
    Not really a fan of either dome might be my main reason for delaying - being a fun game I'll just pick one and go for it.
    Thanks! I know! it was a fun game, seems like the "rest of the team abandoned me" or as I posted "went to sleep" after a while. Hope the next game we might be in the same team.
    I felt a little burnt out on the last up or down too, I didn't really post as much. I never watched or participated in TPP so I've not really got much riding on this game either but I'm going to take part for team Dome. You can always sit out the start and join in later on though.
    Ok, don't think it matters too much about opposing each other this time round with Dragel joining the top group of high posters, as long as we're not all on the same team :D
    That's a good reason - thanks to you and a few others I been hanging out more in the F&G area too.
    It's more fun there than majority of other topics.

    thanks to you, I been subscribing to more topics in F&G part of Bulbagardens
    I noticed that - its one of the reasons I enjoy reading (and liking) your post it gives topics something fun and creative and makes it more enjoyable (especially in the games).
    I noticed the same - not every one get the puns, I also get a few but not all of them.
    Thanks Punster :)

    I'm probably not going to be around much tomorrow either, it will probably be a quiet day for up or down :D
    *Sends out Charizard (Swiper, glass cannon) against Blastoise (Tank)

    Let's see how that works out, eh?

    I did get a legit warning from Kakuna. It was warranted though and I guess I was wrong. Not going to complain cuz it was kinda mean, though it was directed at the Ass Kissup from the TV show and not Return of MCH.

    He actually was pretty good before they switched the dub...growl.
    go to in the cupboard
    go to in the cupboard
    go to in the cupboard

    Just kidding...you should really go to in the cupboard though
    XD again
    I like both Ash and Red but I would have chosen Red if things were different. I'm happy to play for either side though, it was only really last time where I could only choose one team :D
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