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  • Not sure but I'd imagine it won't be till tomorrow at the earliest, I don't know who will be posting the next version as KM was talking about tweaking the rules. It doesn't have to be me though, I've done it from V4 onwards but that's mainly been because no one else has done it, I'd be happy for someone else to have a go though :)
    They're all pretty good ideas, if we do ghost vs normal, the normal team should have the ghostbuster's theme as their anthem :D

    If you're up for the next game from the start, you can have first choice of teams as I'll probably have to choose the opposing team to balance things out.
    Yeah, I was thinking that we can't really play on the same team too as I'm probably the only one who can counter-balance you at the moment, I would be cool to team up with you though :)

    I know the game can be addictive and time wasting though, I wasted a lot of time in the first up or down to the point that I hardly posted in the second one. I've been involved quite a lot since the 3rd one on-wards but I've managed to find more of a balance with other commitments, I do have to admit I've been more active in this version because I was desperate to win because Mew is my favourite pokemon. It's ok if you don't want to take part anymore though, I understand, you don't have to be involved right from the start of a game too, anyone can join in any time, you could always take a break for a while.
    Yeah, it was pretty much just chance that all these factors came into play at the same time. I was pretty shocked by what happened though, I've though for a while that the originals had potentially the stonger team in terms of active members but we hadn't really been posting at the same time as a team, I didn't really see it coming together for us. The clones posted rapidly as a team for spells throughout the game, whereas our progress was slow but fairly regular. Yesterday was the first time we really worked as a team, posting together and the stongest we've been during the entire game, it was just unlucky for the clones that our stongest moment coincided with your weakest.

    I noticed you weren't very active on Saturdays, I didn't realise it was your Sabbath though, I tend to be stronger on the weekends as I work mon-fri, my weakest times tend to be Wednesday and Friday nights as I go out on those nights, that's when I worry about whats happening in the game.

    It was still an amazing game though, we all smashed the record for the longest version of the game and you gave us such a great battle, both sides refused to give up and fought till the end :)

    I'm looking forward to the next version too, it will be a fresh start with reshuffled teams, so who knows what will happen :D
    It is. I don't see myself ever being able to create such things, but I can appreciate what others have.

    What was your first work of edible art?

    As of now I just completed some general classes at community college while working in retail. Took this semester off to decide on where to go from here while picking up some extra hours at work.
    What is known for certain: I do not want to work retail forever. xD My co-workers are nice (my department head is practically another grandma to me. One who is much more open to letting her opinion be known and open to swearing than what I'm used to, but still like a grandma), the customers are generally nice,... but not fulfilling in the long run.
    I usually do that too, at least on a first playthrough. If I'm invested enough in a game to replay it I might switch things up.
    Never have, you? (Without naming any specifics.)

    Ah, should've figured such when it was described as being torn to shreds.

    Sounds delicious. (We're similar in that regard.)

    And in this regard as well.
    In Silver I played as a guy because "lol no choice." In Crystal and Ruby I played as both. For Diamond, I wasn't too fond of Lucas so I stuck with Dawn on my restarts. After Gen 4 I never restarted my games because it takes me forever just to get to the credits now. (Favorite Pokémon player character of any game is still Wes though.)

    Any way to repair it?

    It's not terribly exciting. Cute though. Ooo, what'cha makin'?
    At the very least it amuses two people.
    Serena gets a trench coat dress! :D (This was what I was referring to with my previous VM, should've been more clear I was talking about trainer customization.) But sadly no Pangoro hat, which is bull (would rather have that than the Slurpuff sundae dress).
    Do you still have that trench coat?

    And I spent a similar amount of time trying to find a gif of Mewtwo smiling. Ended up going with Bulbasaur and Bulbatwo, thought it was fitting for BMGf.
    You should.
    And then it's off to help Looker in Kalos! (Or am I the only one who feels the need to wear a trenchcoat while helping him?)

    I think everyone in the thread will see it as your stars and bars of sorts, and it's a nice transition from your previous avatar.

    Also, love that gif you posted. xD
    I don't mind at all (if I did it'd be kind of odd helping out in the F&G section, lol.)

    Both of those sound good! And nice new avatar! (OR has been keeping me occupied in my free time this past week, so I haven't been much help in the clone wars. orz.)
    Lou, The Great! Has no time for trifles like grammer, but I Lou, The Great! Thanks you again, and shall trace all chaos back to you
    Sounds good to me. The soundtrack is rather nice, too. Then again, most of the games have a nice soundtrack~ Speaking of which, what would you say is your favorite piece (if you have one)?
    Oh well. At least it led you to F&G, huh?
    By the way, did you end up getting OR/AS?
    You know, I've been wondering something. What exactly led you to these forums?
    I would like to point out I live in the bottom left of Lake Valor,
    Lake Valor - The Pokémon Wiki Just look at the picture
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