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  • Hi~ Just thought I'd mention there's already something like the "Random Exclamations" thread you're thinking about here. Why not post there, while you're at it?
    Sounds nice. I wish you continued success. What's the company called, by the way?
    Ooh, you're involved in engineering? And actually building things? That is indeed interesting~ [sub][sup]To be honest, Support Engineer made me think of some sort of call center/help desk job[/sup][/sub]

    As for me...Not much, really. I have yet to enter the wonderful world of college, and remain unsure on where I'd even go from there.
    Ok. Noted.

    Take your time, then.

    I see. (It's not measured by time since registering?)

    Good to hear~

    So, what is being a Technical Support Engineer like?
    Two questions too many, I take it? Anyway, how was/is your weekend so far? [sub]Yes, I'm aware of the irony.[/sub]

    Oh, and if you want to raise your post count, there's a section dedicated to that (assuming you haven't noticed it already).
    .....Oh, right, I forgot about that. (I wouldn't have minded waiting, however. Just saying.) Anyway, nice to meet you~ However, I'm about to log off for the night (seeing as it's past midnight), so I suppose we'll talk more tomorrow. I would like to leave you with a couple things I've been wondering, however, that you may or may not answer:
    What time zone are you in?

    Out of curiosity, I see you haven't posted in the Random Messages thread. Not your cup of tea?

    Anyway, good night~
    I hope it never ends - it's too much fun there - I will be sad when it's finally over

    sorry 'bout that (making you jump) - game is far from over!

    If Mew wins I'll smile happily, if Mewtwo wins I will also smile happily! Love both Pokemon a lot, I just tend to like Mew a bit more.
    Greetings Punster, just had to drop by and greet you and say thanks for all the fun times we have in the 'Mewtwo vs Mew' game, you and I and a few others make the game fun to visit.
    Nope it was't me, I can't do that, I think it must have been KM, she's probably working out the correct score because of the ninja'ing or something :)
    Yep, I think BAG and lov wll be back soon, but I'll also have to go soon, it's about 9:45pm here now. Paleo's time zone is an hour ahead of mine but I think he's ofen on here late.
    Yeah, I usually side with the at the time underdogs as well, I don't really mind winning or losing I just like to see a good competition :D

    Most of the time I wait to see which side is strongest and join the weaker of the two, it would of been weird of me to join anything other than team Mew this time though as it's my favourite pokemon and is central to my theme. I did prefer Magma over Aqua though, we scientists had to beat those pirates :D

    I quite like where we can have fun whilst playing with random conversations etc. it's quite a fun and addictive game despie being so simple :)
    Yeah, I can't do much to slow you down at the moment, it'll be night in BAG and lov's time zones now and it's getting later here, our best time is when it's morning in my timezone and day in theirs :D
    You can find out the top posters for any thread by clicking the number of replies a thread has received, it pops up in a little window :)

    I only learned about this a few months ago, Kakuna Matata and Neo Blaze used to post the thread stats at the end of the game in the earlier vesions, I thought it was something only mods could find out, turns out anyone can do it :D
    Yeah, your definately the main player in the clone team and about 50 posts ahead in the list of top posters, the top ten are listed when the game finishes :)
    One good thing is this version of up or down is going to beat the previous one in terms of success, Aqua vs Magma finshed after 68 pages, this ones already at 66 and no-one's close to winning :)
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