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  • Announcing the National Bulbagraphic photography contest, open to entries from New Pokémon Snap and Sword and Shield, with prizes for the winners! A thread with all the details on how to enter can be found here.
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  • Travelling Through Pictures RPG is waiting for your reply. If there is no post from you until Wednesday, then you will be skipped in the next GM post, but you will not be removed from the game, so you can still continue playing.
    Travelling Through Pictures RPG will have a 4th player using the new interboard feature, and we can finally start the game. If you are still interested in it, post in the OOC thread, so that I can announce it to Slim and Heroic, ie, I can't double-post in my own thread.
    Yeah, the previous version of her story felt a little lackluster, plus her avatar power turned out to be pretty useless. I think she was due for an overhaul.
    Oh god dude you're in the Phillipines I was trying to sleep and thinking about it like the typhoon and them I remembers you said something about being from the Philippines and now I can't sleep because you might be dead are you okay
    Totes takin your feline-type race idea for my Infinite Space character :3 Sounds awesome!
    A combination of both. You can only use four moves during any one battle, but you can 're-equip' any four moves on your Pokemon between battles. That makes it a bit more like a real MMO mechanically: an ideal set-up for one boss won't naturally match up against another. It's also keeping in line with the MMO and Pokemon Adventures feel, especially with the story-imposed level cap. Thinking tactically should be more important than levels or stats.

    And thanks for pointing out that lack of clarity :). I'll edit that in to the first post now.
    You mean Nocturne Academy? Yeah, that was one of the first RP's I tried to start when I came to Bulba Garden.
    Yeah, me and Naoto started working on it together to try and get it back running.
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