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  • Alright, I have all the eggs now.
    Hatching the Starters should take around 2577 steps or so and hatching Phione should take around 5227.
    Of course, these figures are with a Magmar in the party. If you don't have a Pokemon from the Magby line or the Slugma line, steps are doubled.
    You go to the Pokemon Center and then go into the basement.
    You then talk to the middle lady (if on Platinum) or the left hand lady (if on D/P).

    Well, I actually don't know about D/P. but I think I'm right.
    Hatching will take some time for Phione.
    I might be able to hatch the other 3 soon, but I'm not sure about Phione.
    I still need to get the Pokemon.
    I got caught up in playing, talking and other things.

    But I shouldn't be more than 5 minutes.
    I could probably throw in more than one Diamond Exclusive (GTS is very useful).
    And I take it you already have Phione?
    Oh, sorry, I thought you were trading the Steelix to someone else and then trading me the Golem.
    If you haven't got them, I could trade you either the Kanto Starters, the Hoenn starters or Phione for the Golem.
    I can trade you the entire Johto trio for your Shiny Steelix and Golem.
    Would you accept them as eggs, or do you want me to hatch them?

    If you want my friend code, it's in my About Me page on my profile (I'm too lazy to look it up =))
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