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  • I don't always connect to the internet when I play Pokemon, which is probably why I was on on your friends list but not in your game. I should probably connect when I start up the game and see if you're there. :p

    I'll try and be online around five and six tomorrow, since that's when you asked before.
    Christ, son, no need to spam my page ._.

    My trainer name is Alyx, as mentioned in the trading thread. Or at least I think I mentioned it. If I didn't, my bad.
    Looks like it's a bit late for that. Whoops.

    But now that I have your trainer name, I can keep an eye out for if you're online, and also no0t accidentally remove you from my friends list before the trade is done.

    I'm free for most of the day (Pacific time) for the next like two weeks, if you want to schedule a time.
    Hello! Are you still interested in the 5iv Hawlucha you asked for? Also, you never told me your trainer name or if you want a nickname.
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