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  • Well it's nothing really that good actually, it was mostly me doing something silly to sort of let loose xD
    Is it funny I can't imagine you doing something like that xD crack-fic at lest, but it's an idea I've played with myself and even posted ht efirst chapter of.
    Not much, I was actually surprised yesterday when I saw you hd posted that oneshot.
    Interesting, I'll check it out xD I did make an RP based on FT myself once and it is a very interesting concept.

    It depends, a person can accept people and then play in the same thread if they want. I myself prefer to make a thread for people to sign up and then a thread for the actual RP.
    Yeah it can get pretty tough, too bad I suck at writing ahead xD I don't know why I never mastered that, guess I'm too impatient.

    Oh a Fairy Tail RP site? how are the RPs there?

    Well there's lots of interesting RPs both Pokemon and non Pokemon, I've got one right now still accepting sign ups about Superheroes xD it's a new one I've been planning, sadly because most of the RPs I'm in are mine I'm not in many RPs run by other people since I have a 4 to 5 RP limit (my girlfriend put that limit on me so that I don't slack off too much >>)
    Years :p you vanished so suddenly and sadly.

    I've won a few from time to time, I'm not joining this time cause well since like two years ago life and college has kind of taken a larger grasp on me and most of the free time I get is devoted to...non writing stuff, I still write, updates have just been slow, I'm lucky if I can put up a new chapter once a month. Coincidentally I'm the mod of the RP section here xD and I knwo your friend :p though what site is it?
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