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  • If you had replied to my PMs I would assume you were reading them and then send you my awesome ideas that will in fact, and I'm not exaggerating when I say this, revolutionize the reviewing system and give birth to a new generation of great writers.
    Dude what the heck were you doing, awake at 3 am... studying?/sarcasam
    No but seriously, are you ignoring my PMs? >.< Mmm... sour

    Oh and btw I have great plans and ideas for things in general here on the WW and for ERAS.
    Well even in season 8 I had already started to lose hope for it, none of the characters actually grow or anything I meaan it's a sitcom but even so.

    What I mean by different roads is that there are a lot of multiple outcomes planned for this sotry, I can literally pick any of those outcomes without worrying.

    You're planning another story.

    Oh, well good luck.
    Two and a Half Man lost its place in my list not cause of Ashton taking over Charlie's spot (cause I actually like Ashton...not in that way mind you xD) but mostly cause of bad character handling, I just feel like they're giving too much attention to the new guy and are dumping Jake and Alan into a large pile of crap without giving them any developtment at all.

    Well I knw things would pick up after the first story arc was over with :) especially since this story arc and the one after that have been planned ever since I started the tournament arc back in Dragon's Roar so I've had a lot of time to work on the details.

    That being said I'm also trying to make the story a lot more complex than what it was in Dragon's Roar, Dragon's Roar was like a prologue, an intro if you will SYR Part 1 is mostly to settle some of the loose plotlines of DR and Part 2 is where the real story is introduced to everyone. Actually my biggest problem with the planning is that they usually split into different roads.

    Actually you might argue that the plot for this story was planned before the plot of Dragon's Roar, basically I thought of this while I was just starting, I didn't do it before cause I needed to set all of these threads in place, and it's almost completed.

    Well I'll be glad if you really do that :) actually the reason I lost best alternate was cause Champion's Game having an advantage over the technical aspect,a nd best protagonist cause of difference in scoring.
    Unlike most people I actually like sitcoms xD I'm a classy guy, my favorite shows are I would have to say CSI: Miami, Criminal Minds, How I met your Mother, New Girl, Touch and The Big Bang Theory the one that's ending today is this show that premiered today that I really liked called Two Broke Girls yes it's weird xD but everyone has their weird tastes. I really like Scrubs but I've already watched and rewatched it multiple times and I also like That 70's Show.

    By the way do you really think I've been doing well in this last story arc :)
    Chilling too waiting for the season finale of this tv show to start.

    And working on the next chapter or rather the chapter that comes after the next chapter.
    It's okay xD though a good present would be to give me your opinon on the new chapter :)
    I know but I still feel really bad about it you know, I'll have to try harder.

    Also I posted a new chapter though I gotta stock up again I only have 2 left in stock.
    You really mean that? Thanks! I'm honestly shocked that I won as I didn't think of my story as that good but I guess there must be something unique about it that made it win over the rest of journey fics.

    I'm glad I lived up to your expectations! ^^
    Well that is expected, it'd be weird if you didn't.
    Still good job, and keep it up.
    Well congrats. Oh btw, I just want to be sure of something: It's 1750 out of ????
    There is :) I actually can't wait for it but I have to do the Confession Arc first which is what comes after the current one (which is already fully written, with the rest of the chapters being on stock)
    Dude, dude WTH, I haven't seen you for more than two weeks and you don't even have the... wait, wait just a second you got a 1750 on you SAT... *Awesome face* Nice!
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