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    Pokémon GO Friend Code Sharing, Gifts and Trading Thread

    Pokemon Go Username: Marchbaby Friend Code: 7342 1871 2258 Geographical Location: Colorado USA I play daily and should be able to send gifts on most days unless I get too many friend requests.
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    Alolan forms of Kanto Pokémon are coming to Pokémon GO!

    I already had a number of Alolan Exeggutor from when they first released it and since then I have encountered Alolan Rattata, Geodude, and Diglett in the wild. Alolan Grimer is the main one I am after since I still need a number of dark types and poison types for their respective medals and...
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    Do you have any Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

    I have a shiny Larvitar, Ivysaur, Roselia, and Wartortle. Each one was caught during their community day or during a boosted spawn event but out of all of them my favorite is Larvitar. I have never caught a shiny one in the main games so getting one on Pokemon GO is a nice consolation prize.
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    Should regional variants become a series mainstay?

    I would love to see them return so long as they break out from just the first generation of Pokemon. They add a nice mix up for older Pokemon without breaking anywhere near as much as some of the other features in recent years and almost every Pokemon could conceivably receive a new form in...
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    Which version are you going to buy/would like to buy?

    I have both preordered already as I have bought the vast majority of the games over the years including all of the main ones and I have no plans to stop doing so anytime soon. They may not be the games I was expecting when they announced them but they look cool in their own right. I am just...
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    Do you still play games from the older generations?

    I play all of them from time to time and with the VC versions of the first two gens and the ability to transfer to the newer games I have far more of a reason to play them. Before those came out I played gens 3-7 since those could transfer. I am a collector more than a person who plays for...
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    Would you purchase newer Generations on VC?

    I have all of the mainline games and I would gladly buy them again on the VC so they would all be on one system not to mention possible Pokemon Bank support instead of transferring from the GBA games to the DS then 3DS games. They could event add the event Pokemon in like with Celebi on the VC...
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    Things that should go away/be changed

    I just would like it to be easier to do since I love to battle but right now I am not very good against human players.
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    Jirachi to be distributed by American GameStop stores: Event to last from Feb. 27 to

    Re: Jirachi to be distributed by American GameStop stores: Event to last from Feb. 27 I got my jirachi. I got one on each game and I may give the extra one away if they trade me a pokemon I am missing.
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    Things that should go away/be changed

    I would love to see them get rid of Evs/IVs and replace it with something far less confusing. I have yet to figure IVs out and I am not good at EVs.