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  • It's OK. I've lost my cool many times, I know how difficult it can be. But since I'm talking about it, whilst I could go on a tangent on all the bad parts of the original series, I'd honestly say that the gym battles were absolutely terrible. Nearly every battle not only made Ash look hopeless, but ended up giving him the badge on a silver plate, seemingly out of pity.

    BROCK - Curbstomped on first attempt, although understandable. Was seemingly winning the rematch, but Brock's siblings denied him even THAT! For seemingly no reason. Brock eventually gives him Badge On A Silver Plate.

    MISTY - Curbstomped. Team Rocket showed up and trashed the gym. Pikachu saves the day. Misty's sisters give BOASP, despite Misty's protests.

    LT. SURGE - Curbstomped, forced to retry. Won second attempt. OK, fair's fair, I'll give Ash THIS one. He won on his own skill.

    ERICA - Curbstomped. Team Rocket show up and blow THEMSELVES up. Erica then gives BOASP.

    KOGA - Curbstomped. Team Rocket show up and trash the place. Koga doesn't give BOASP, but instead offers a rematch....but still doesn't change the fact that Ash was getting his ass handed to him before TR showed up.

    SABRINA - Curbstomped THREE times. Only won once Haunter showed up (after buggering off twice) and made Sabrina laugh. Instead of a fourth rematch with "cured" Sabrina...nope, BOASP.

    BLAINE - Curbstomped. Team Rocket show up and trash the place. Ash saves day, and Blaine offers rematch, which Ash wins. Still doesn't change the fact he would have lost.

    GIOVANNI - Giovanni himself leaves before Ash arrives and lets TR deal with him. If this isn't the ultimate case of BOASP, I don't know what is!

    I know people say the BW gyms were terrible, and maybe they were pretty bad, but they can't be as bad as the original series...Ash at least WON those battles.
    If it assures you, I do agree with a lot of your points in regards to the Original Series not being as good as other people make it out to be. I don't hate it, but...I do still agree with you. :)
    I just merged the threads. Sorry, I didn't see your thread because it didn't show up at the top of unstickied threads. It's fixed now.
    I'm sorry, I made a mistake, I intended to put that on reply. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    So, the BW games sold so much because of N's story and not because of, well, the Pokémon within the game whom to you look lke crap? How did you come to that conclusion? o.o
    A lot of people like the new mons and with each and every gen there are people who love to hate the new ones because they are new and not familiar with them.
    Ooooo. I thought it was based on invidual 'Mons, not taking supports into account. Clearly I was wrong. :sweatlol:
    I was hearing complains about it, but you're right, people have to choose to follow it.

    If it shines in OU too why wouldn't it be in Borderline?
    Ooo, so hey can move up but not down. Would you really want to do that though? I mean, I guess an experienced battler could make it work, and the shock of seeing it there might throw some people off, but I dunno, it seems like it'd have a better shot in its own tier.
    Hm, my definition of ubers is screwed up, I just throw all legendaries into that category. xD
    But thanks for taking the time to explain this to me. ^^
    Never been one for the stats, other than getting a beneficial nature for a 'Mon. But some people here seem to know them inside and out, it's crazy. :loopy:
    Honestly haven't payed attention to that bit. I usually refrain from using legendaries and just have them rot in the PC after catching them.
    It was recommended to me by another member. Started off pretty neat.
    At first I didn't care for that trio, but now I've somewhat warmed up to them, along with their new forms.
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