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Recent content by Marik

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    How Well Known is the Person Above You [v2]

    10/10 if you're who I think you are
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    Random Messages 9

    why am i listening to shania twain
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    Do you even know what the above avatar is?

    Looks familiar, but no.
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    Do you know what ^'s profile picture is?

    I feel like I do, but can't put my finger on it.
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    The One Above You - what does their Avatar tell you about them?

    Clearly enjoys an anime I'm not familiar with
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    Random Messages 9

    Friendly reminder that [email protected] is the greatest anime ever made
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    Random Messages 9

    Anyways, time for Raw and my fantasy football draft, so I'm out. Talk to you guys later and have a good night!
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    Random Messages 9

    I missed you guys a ton. Some of the more fun nights of my life came screwing around in this thread.
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    Random Messages 9

    I have a couple minutes to chat, so what's going on with you guys?
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    Random Messages 9

    I'm pretty much never on anymore, but likewise B)
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    Random Messages 9

    Hell yeah, man. It's been too long.
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    Random Messages 9

    First post in 11 months sup
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    What kind of cellphone do you have?

    Pantech Laser
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    Tea in the Garden

    Heh. Anyways, I'm out. I'll be back in a couple months. See ya, dude.
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    The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread Vol 4

    Due to... circumstances... I have a full scholarship virtually wrapped up. Only issue is that I can't be assed to apply.