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Recent content by Marill

  1. M

    Your status on Platinum

    I haven't had the game long, I'm up to the third gym. During training I caught my first Pokerus pokemon, a Ralts (now a Kirlia). I didn't realise until I went to the centre to heal. I don't know much about it either 0_0 Team: Monferno level 28 Luxray level 25 Staravia level 25 Eevee level...
  2. M

    What video games are you playing now?

    PS2: Drakengard - very addicting, story's a bit 0_0 though DS: Platinum - just got my Eevee, just trying to decide what to evolve it into. I'll be breeding it regardless for at least another Eevee-volution on my team, I just dunno which. Team so far is Monferno, Luxio, Staravia Wormadon...
  3. M

    Remakes of Generation II games confirmed: Long-predicted "GSDS" to be released this f

    Re: Major Pokémon game to be announced this month: Pokémon Sunday purported to make f G/S remake or a Wii rpg (not Battle Revolution style), kplzthanx ^_^
  4. M

    Pokemon Platinum Fake- Hong Kong eBay

    :( I was avoiding Hong Kong purchases because I didn't want to wait even longer for my purchase. I pay with echeques so you can imagine why I switch my searches to UK only. After Grainger Games stopped importing US games I looked on ebay, and was put off many a times: Location Hong Kong, 9.99...
  5. M

    What video games are you playing now?

    Just finished Persona 3 the other day, so I started SMT Digital Devil Saga 1 until Persona 4 is released here - looking forward to tomorrow, hell yeah. Not being able to walk's not going to stop me from picking up my pre-order :p Also playing Chrono Trigger DS, still Final Fantasy Dissidia...
  6. M

    pokeshipping pearlshipping or advanceshipping?

    Re: If Misty, May, and Dawn all three were with Ash at once...who would he choose? Pikachu *hides under the desk*
  7. M

    What video games are you playing now?

    Currently playing: Persona 3 FES - still! but I'm up to December. This game is awesome, I can't wait until 4 comes out next month. :unworthy: Final Fantasy Dissidia :crush:
  8. M

    What video games are you playing now?

    My only new years resolution at the mo is to complete the games I haven't already, and leave alone ones that I have (dunno how long that'll last in Final Fantasy VII's case). Right now I'm playing: Persona 3 FES: I'm nearing the end of June and (almost) everyone's level 20. The last Tartarus...
  9. M

    Music What music are you currently listening to?

    Lisa Scott-Lee - Electric
  10. M

    Music What music are you currently listening to?

    Aqua - Halloween :D
  11. M

    Colosseum vs. XD

    I played XD first and it's definitely the easiest of the two. I found it very addicting on the first play through (two days straight I managed.. lol), but I do prefer Colosseum just because I liked the protaganist for once not being a 10 year old kid. Plus his Tifa-esque* style stalker amused me...
  12. M

    What video games are you playing now?

    Ha I've recently bought Persona 3 ES.. it's my first Shin Megam.. etc and I love it. I may have to get 4 when it's released here, it's awesome. Yeah currently playing: Persona 3 ES Normal Mode (ps2) - awesome and very addictive Final Fantasy VIII (ps1) - still trying to manipulate the rules...
  13. M

    My Pokemon ranch vs. Pokémon Battle Revolution

    Neither. I never liked the Stadium games, I got bored pretty quickly. I miss being able to level up, a story, catching new poke's. I really hope they make a Pokemon RPG for the Wii, it doesn't have to be another Shadow story, though I'm a part of the minority that'd love that. The Wii really...
  14. M

    Rocketshipping Club...!!

    That's pretty disappointing, but no surprise really. The last episode I saw (well I only saw the end) was something about the baby Chimecho's (cant remember their name), and James getting attached to one. I was like, omg ref's to past episodes. I only kept it on cos it seemed interesting for...
  15. M

    Rocketshipping Club...!!

    My god it's been a while. I haven't seen a new episode in full since the beginning of D/P. I hate to say it, but I lost interest in the (new) series. Looking at this thread brought back memories though. I now fancy rewatching the older episodes that made me squee in my mind, like the good old...