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  • They really didn't. Having a Wiki shouldn't be an excuse to be a dick. It just makes us look like douches, and who wants to be apart of a community who treats newbies like crap, even when the only post they make is to ask a question?

    Wee bit infuriating and much more insulting to us as a whole. x__x
    I thought you noticed that. No that's the 300+ trivia questions for this weekend's party. I'm trying to finish them up. Still gotta get quotes for book 6.
    Well, I heard about it a few times. The first was way before HGSS was even announced, I think it might of been on some Pokemon forum( Serebii maybe?) that lead to some japanese website about old videogame demos. Maybe GameFreak said it in a Gold and Silver or Crystal interview? Also, I heard about it a couple times on here along with the prototypes for the Johto starters. Apparently, Chikortia was based off of "Hamna",but I don't remember the others. Go to the "Pocket Monsters 2-Gold and Silver beta" article if you want to learn more about it, though it doesn't say much about the prototype girl.(If it says anything about her.) I say go find a interview if you're really curious and most likely they should mention her.
    Don't sweat it. Everyone has those moments. I have them more than you do.

    The thing with Time travel is that you run into the paradox discussion, as well as the fact that time travel being a fictional thing, everyone has there interpretation of it. Normally that's not a bad thing, but what I find happens is that you get so many theories piling up on each other and NONE of them match/make any sense that eventually everyone just gets sick of the subject because it is so confusing. I try to avoid the discussion if I can, but it gets kinda hard when all everyone is talking about is time travel. Maybe it's jsut my opinions that are making me want to move away from this but in all honesty, I think everyone feels like they are Marty and everyone else is Doc Brown when it comes to Time Travel discussions.
    Uhh Habits I guess. I'm one of the people who feel like "OMG, THE JAPANESE NAMES AND STUFF ARE THE ONLY REAL NAMEZ!!!!". XD So Whenever I know the Japanese name I use it.

    With the DP Pokemon, I actually tend not to remember the English name, but that's becuase I was using them before English DP
    Hmm. That's actually not to surprising, a lot of the hardcore Transformers fans I've met haven't cared much for the film. I'm just a casual fan, so all the special effects Wow'd me. The acting and plot were shit.

    I have the same problem, but I settled it the opposite way; I pretty much only buy the (main series) Pokemon RPGs XD. Which sucks, 'cause theres alot of great games out there I'd love to play. *Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword*cough

    Eh, you proably have more than me, most of mine were broken/or lost, so the only one's are have now are the "Cheetor"'s.
    Beast Wars would make an epic film.
    Yeah, I think I can relate a little bit, RS were not my thing, though I ended up coming back for FRLG.

    lol. I used to collect the "Beast Wars" transformers, but I never got into the main transformers line. However, I did like the film, it was spectacular.
    Eh, I'm doing okay.
    I was really pumped for HGSS, and then I realized it be quite some time before I could play it and lost interest. XD

    I've come to understand you don't play the Pokemon games?
    Yeah, updated graphics and gameplay will be fun. I know you've lost interest in Pokémon since Silver (the only reason you got Sapphire was to get the version exclusives for your jerk brother's Ruby) and you did say Ranger was fun, but too short and incomplete.
    If it's good enough. Remakes don't really capture the spirit of the originals. I barely remember anything about GS, last time I played it was such a long time ago. I've given up on trying to find my long lost Silver...
    I've been looking over the HGSS threads... yeah, I'm gonna get to locking them. I think I've nailed most of them so far..
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