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Master Matoya
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  • I am here, now.

    And so you have changed. That is a pretty picture of Rena, I must say. I would like to keep to the plans I have set, but the time will come when I transform. Creepypasta is highly variable in terms of quality, but there have been some that set fairly high standards, I would agree.

    Do you have a Steam account, Raven-san? (If you have answered this, forgive my erratic memory...) If you do, or could get one, I might arrange something. Hm, hm? I'd let you have all the fun you wish, of course. I'm...unsure, actually. -ponders- That is a fair worldview, music is one of the great achievements of humanity. They are attractive creatures, indeed, although I admit I have a fondness for birds of all kinds. Yes, an attractively simple yet intricately formed melody, a work of art. Another piano performance for you, somewhat more energetic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pua6UAtWeQ

    Yes. I am easily impressed, perhaps, but you appeal to me. I consider you a good friend. -peers at you-

    That would be nice. Ah?.... ehehe. I will, Raven-san.

    I am happy to hear as such. All I can say is that when you do appear is pleasant enough. I must say, I have become rather expectant of your messages as well. My days are going well, calm and simple, really. I hope to be enrolled in college later this year, so what will be, will be, then.
    You gave me a pleasant surprise, indeed. -pets-
    Ah, it is nice to speak with you, Raven-san. You entertain me. I hope your day is going well.
    It is. Alright then. Either pair would be nice, yes. I would gladly choose to match whoever's face you adopt, myself. Huh... somewhat interesting. The writer knows Higurashi, although it's rather... flat, for lack of a better term.

    Oh? That's nice to hear, I suppose. I'll take that as a compliment sadistic Raven -giggles lightly- You have, you have, and cheered me. -purrs warmly- Oh, but you know what I would find in response to that, and I have. Calm and relaxing, the Night Sparrow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d45Xjy4DkpY

    Hm? Hm? -tilts head in return- You have impressed me, and I find that enough.

    I will do that, sometime, startle and scare, perhaps. Ah, I did not intend to be mean, but I thought you liked surprises?
    I am willing and interested, but I would prefer to wait to change until the anniversary of my arrival, a fitting time, to me. I will accept whatever you wish, however. I'm deciding between Rena and Oyashiro-sama.

    You are aware as ever, Raven-san. -hugs you tightly- I see, indeed it is. A witch, indeed, and the song is nice.

    True, true, we do. -pokes back-

    Surprise me. That is so, yes. Ah, I am trying to be affectionate, perhaps I exaggerate a little? Just a little, I believe.
    Ah, I see. Well, er...

    Indeed, it is. All of those. Oh? Oh? Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes-
    ...Anyway, have something cute. I wonder, is Meramipop the same Merami? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBmW4ro8fyM

    I would, I would. But if you would need to go, I would not be so selfish as to stop you... -studies you-

    Not really, but nothing's disproved the possibility. It is fine, I am not. Hm, you can be scary, I'm sure, but all I see is a cute witch.
    It's fine, other things occupy your time, that's life.

    So I can tell. Ah, yes, that classic. It was popular for good reason, so I say. Moving on, more featuring Merami. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMafB3gqwwU

    Good, good, and the compliments are complimentary, so to say. -pets-

    ...ghosts are generally unnoticeable until they choose to appear. I have often felt that they lurk around, myself. The dark makes me paranoid...
    Oh, that I like, yes.

    That was part of the intention, true. The other was affection. -giggles-

    We can take turns spoiling each other. Now, I'll be playful. -pokes your cheek-
    Ok. So I indeed noticed.

    I'm flattered to hear that, Raven-san. -pats your head-
    Fair enough. For now, I see you have settled on...Reimu? It is hard to be sure from the small view.

    Ah, yes. Indeed. Some of the announcements were nice, but some... weren't, and the overall presentation was underwhelming.
    Oh? We will see.

    Did they, now? I'll take your word for it. Pretty much, sadly.
    I'll keep that in mind.

    Not really. The only E3 related event I watched was Nintendo's, and it didn't impress me that much. I heard about little that I hadn't already or didn't expect. That I care about, that is.
    Indeed. Light in nature or heavy, both can be nice in their own way.

    Not particularly. Life continues as it was.
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