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  • So I noticed... I would like to, yes. Let us make ourselves an enjoyable time.
    I can offer that much, at least. pats softly

    I have been called in to work at a family business, so I am taking advantage of a break to quickly visit, but I will not be available for our meeting for a few hours from this time. I apologize for making you wait, if that's the case, but I will be here today, assuredly.
    Indeed. relaxes It's fine, I hope you worked through whatever was bothering you. Alright. I have no preference, but the other website might be more convenient to use.

    I'm flattered to hear that. May you remain for a long time.
    My rest was indeed well, and I hope you are doing fine, too, Raven-san.

    [Certainly. Your new avatar, as small as it is in this view, is cute.[/s] Indeed. Perhaps I simply enjoy conversation, but there is a certain draw. I will, as of now, I will be here for a while, but I will mention if and when that must change.

    I see, songs that convey emotion tend to be of quality, if for just that. It is indeed nice, calming, yet I feel there is a sense of melancholy underneath.

    Yes, I have found myself that text interactions do not have the same effect that an encounter in person does. *squeaks*

    Quite possibly. I have wondered what form an afterlife might take.
    Yes Ah, alright. I hope things end up well... It's fine. Alright, I will have times I would need to go, but I'll be here for the majority of the time, and I will inform you when I must be away, indeed it will.

    An nice coincidence, indeed. It is surprising to me as well, but I'd agree that it is a very nice song. I see, from what I've heard, that is true.

    Ah, that is something I experience myself, when shyness and discomfort overwhelm me. *stares back*

    Much appreciated, Raven-san. I see.. I wish you a quick change in circumstances.
    ...Interesting, and that's fine, what you reveal is your choice. Indeed. Alright, so I have seen. Hm, that would be appropriate, indeed. Surprises can be fun things.
    Ah, cute Rika-san.

    Oh, my apologies, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPdpgimy56c Delicious metal, as you seem to enjoy.

    I see. For myself, someone known only over the internet would not be trusted by my family, is that one of the reasons you mean? *blushes lightly*

    That does happen, irritatingly enough. Alright. Hopefully it shall, and I wish the same for you. Until then, Raven-san. I will keep that in mind. I have always wondered if creatures of the night exist, although I would rather not meet them in that way.
    Why thank you. I'd say I'm pleased to have found some of our interests overlap. Indeed. Hopefully the circumstances would allow for it soon. [/s]Alright. I do not wish to pressure or take away time from anything else you might want to do, however, I will agree as to the timing. Indeed. Just once because of that, fair enough. Ah... If you feel it is time to sleep, then I would suggest it, Raven-san.[/s]

    Alright. I promise that I am fairly durable and can withstand a good deal, but I would like to remain.

    This level of ease in conversation, perhaps? *leans to match*

    True, and no one is affected by it, it simply leaves me with less time in the day.
    I'd say I had a fairly typical life for my circumstances, and a fairly typical personality, but some interests that can be viewed as strange. Of course, things are strange to some and normal to others, it's subjective. Indeed, I would be happy to test my skill against yours, and perhaps learn from it. Alright. I will leave in about an hour from now. I wish you luck in regaining your rest schedule as well. Promise can be a powerful motivator.

    I would be glad to, but I am afraid that is beyond my reach.

    Indeed, it would probably be the same on my end, unfortunately. *pats*

    Not to that extent, but today (or yesterday for me, technically), I slept to close to 2 PM, which is why I plan to reset my sleep times.
    I suppose. It can be said that you can pick almost anyone and they'll be strange in their own way. Hm? I see, you are determined as well. Ah, I am willing to indulge if you are, but for a time, I plan to retire earlier tonight, an attempt to reset my sleep patterns. I can agree with that.

    True. That ability is unfortunately lacking.

    I would say they are magnifications of aspects of your original personality, but yes, indeed. *hugs and pets*

    Hm, perhaps. I know that I am a lengthy one. Indeed. That is good enough, to be living.
    [Odd and strange are matters of perspective, so yes and no is what I would say.[/s] I would gladly accept, although you are rather... confident in assuming you'd win so easily, Shion. Indeed, indeed it may.

    Understood. That would be regrettable.

    True. I'll admit, in person I am rather more shy, but still eager. *scratches behind your ears*

    Perhaps. I have, although I slept longer than I would have wished into the day... How have you been, Raven-san?
    Appeal is a strange thing, it can exist with no clear reason. It would be, and I see. It is fun to follow, yes. Most shooter games are. Unfortunately, I will be retiring for the night soon, but the time will come before long. I wish to enjoy our blissful encounter to the fullest.

    I can try. Release it on me, and I will take as much as I can, I am fairly durable.

    I see, let it be said that I do, although I will respect what you find comfortable or not. *twitches happily*

    Huh. I feel like this site fails to give you notification of things sometimes, really. So I noticed, yes. I hope things went well, Raven-san.
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