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Master Mew
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  • Hey! I hope that whatever has made you tired these past few days is over with and that you feel better over time!
    Yeah I guess that's a good point. Btw did you have a good chance to look at that RP I mentioned?
    Well shit xD then I really wouldn't want to be in your shoes xD I mean how can you handle them all?
    Do I do wonder what the third one will pull out, seems like there's a lot and at the same time so little. For one there's still Harry and Rhino.
    Oh my god yes xD I finally find someone who liked the movie as much as I did, everyone I've known have only said how they thought the movie wasn't good and th emistkaes it had (it did but some mistakes can be ignored) I even got into a fight with my friend over which film series and which Peter was better xD (amazing spider man and Garfield's Peter both the take the cake for me) but I really liked it cause it was so...dynamic. Like I feel like the movie broke a lot of the usual formula of Spider Man films...even if the ending did break my heart ;c I mean I saw it coming I just thought it'd be in the third one, espeically since I loved Gwen.
    I mean I know a lot of people hated it but I liked the movie aside from that xD

    Oh okay, that makes things a lot easier and a lot less troublesome xD plus I won't have to worry about breaking logic so much.
    You're a minister? : o

    Well, not falling in a tank of eels I hope xD I forget if people are allowed to born with their power like electro kinesis.
    Oh? what kind of work is it? :O

    I'm still wondering what I should create xD maybe I should bring back one of my old characters though I have an idea for a character that uses electricity.
    So how's life been overall ; o and what are we to expect from the new Rogues Gallery?
    D; still it'll be fun to have you around. If so can I ask you for some pointers with this super hero RP I have and some pointers for mafia since I'm trying to work on creating my own xD
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