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Master Mew
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  • Don't give me "chase" when I make a dramatic exit! D:
    Scarf Kind indeed! and who knows, maybe i'll switch it up w/ a Life Orb here and there~
    Woosh~! I go watch some Animeh now! You better not respond to this boy~!
    I can give you a Tip on Venusaur, only run Leech Seed if you build (it?) defensively, otherwise, don't run leech seed.

    I had a feeling you were going to flamethrower instead of going for a psychic move. But it was too late~
    R.I.P. Drapion. And I was surprised that Delphox out sped Drapion. 104 Base Speed Fox! D:

    and Toxicroak for OU! Lol!
    And you'll have a blast next time you battle me!
    Well that's all for me~ I wish you good Luck on your future battles and of course, our rematch!
    Very Close Indeed! Good Game sir~
    Agreed. Leech Seed on an Amoongus! D: Lol
    Don't tell any 1 but I'm going to switch up my team during my next battle~
    Lol, sure. And just keep trying, you'll eventually get there~
    I know some of the other challengers have~
    Well I could help you there buddy. Just give me a VM sometime soon, and i'll be glad to help~
    And i'm pretty sure you can get better. All people do! LOL Just keep battling, and soon you'll be getting those 10 badges~ (Just Like Gary Oak)
    R.I.P Empoleon Had a good turn going for him. Being Paralyzed and Loosing its item. He will be missed~
    Lol Good Game indeed~
    Feels good seeing a new challenger on the roster
    And that Empoleon did work sorta~ LOL
    WI would suggest working on the team building part and focusing on the OU side of town. That's what i'm gana say ~
    Welp, that's pretty much it. I'll be looking forward to that rematch!
    Mmmmm..... maybe tomorrow, was kinda busy w/ them online friends! D: Their the best! Lol
    Well you know my time zone~ I'll cya around~!
    A half OU half UU team sounds good to me, or in Delphox's case PU. In all seriousness Delphox is in Limbo C which will probably end up being RU, and Nidoking is still UU (where he should be). Ampharos did indeed jump to UU which is awesome :).

    Just let me know what your thinking in terms of tier, and I'd be happy to do a non Gym battle against a competent player.
    I'd be down for a lower tier battle when I get home Monday. Are you thinking Umbreon/Ampharos lower tier or Ariados/Emboar lower tier?
    Ohhoohohoho!!!! Our time zones aint that far apart. (You're ahead of me by 2 hours~)
    Just message me 11:00pm (CST) through 4:00am (CST) and we can get a battle going!
    I always prefer the Night over day so yeah. I'll keep out an eye out for my messages at that time~
    Welp, till our battle, I'll cya around the forums!
    Srry not rite now. Its night and I don't feel like battling~
    Let's say 3:00pm (PST) on the 13th of April? If thats not suitable, perhaps you could choose the time and date~
    Haven't gotten a chance to do much in it due to scheduling things and life stuff (mostly on others' part), but it's been enjoyable so far. I've been blogging about it every now and then. This being the most recent.
    Cool stuff all the same.

    Idly, I've been getting into a Pokemon tabletop as of late. Pretty fun stuff.
    No problem. I wish you luck with the Wish Eevee you now have the potential to add to the store. Hopefully you end up getting good Hidden Abilities due to Wish being such a hard to find move to breed onto Pokemon and being helpful competitively.
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