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Master Mew
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  • Yeah idk what I'd nickname my own Misdreavus. I think its French name is pretty sweet and different so it works for me XD I like both equally, but I've bred them in Moon, Love, and most recently Dream balls so I might evolve a couple and make a Misdreavus/Mismagius team :p

    Haha sorry about that. I tend to sneak up on people XD I just generally tell people it'll take about a day longer to get their Pokemon than reality, so if anything comes up, I'll still be able to deliver it on time. Anyway, thanks again ;)
    The Misdreavus is ready :p It'll gain it's English name if/when you evolve it into Misdreavus; right now it has its French name. Need a nickname on it?

    I'll be on around the same time as I was tonight (technically last night now)... ~9PM PST (GMT-8) I'll probably be on a bit earlier too, but that's the time I'll for sure be on. See you tomorrow, hopefully.

    eta: Thanks for the trade! If you do need a nickname on it, just let me know and I can do that tomorrow night :p I figured I'd just trade you now since we were both on.
    yeah I lost everything, I had 27 of 31 boxes full of pokemon.
    Sure do you want a nick name?
    unfortunatly not much I lost my data about a month ago and have only started breeding again. my current breeding projects include than jolly anticipation eevee's in nest balls for leafeons, I am also breeding adamant prankster murkrow in luxury balls, with brave bird. rattled poochyena in luxury balls with ice fang and thunder fang. Vital spirit magby in repeat balls. past breeding projects include calm acid armor gooey goomy in heal balls, anticipation dreamball timid wish eevee and standard calm wish eevee s
    Hey! I just realized since I'm breeding the Misdreavus and not just giving from the stock, which egg moves would you prefer out of Destiny Bond and Sucker Punch? All of my parents have Curse, Nasty Plot, and Memento... the only diff is the last move. Let me know ;)
    Hey master mew I saw your eevee emporium and I am on a similar mission to get each eeveelution in a specific pokeball. so far I have only gotten espeon in dram ball and umbreon in dusk balls. I was wondering in you had an leftover female anticipation Eevees with at least 4 perfect IVs in heal balls and if so what would you like for her?
    Did somebody say Rouge's Gallery?

    Hey, it's me, Stabby Stabby, I played Zane, and I lost my old account due to my laziness. So I had to make a new one.

    Oh a different note, how u doin'?
    Is there still any interest in reviving Rogues Gallery? I've got about a ton of villains we could use.
    I read the new RP, but I don't understand the concept of ROGUE'S GALLERY one bit, even with the little explanation in the beginning. Do you mind explaining this a bit better?
    Hey you need to change your avatar to Frodo! Oh and Min said if you don't change it by 24 hours we will change it to Gollum for you.
    Technically I have another year, although AOC is 16 where I live. And it keeps my head warm.

    I'mma add you on skype so I can strip for you on camera as a reward for when you bring back RG.
    Aw, that's no fun. Always look on the bright side! Like if you are forced into prostitution due to poverty, think of it as a new experience! If your arm is sliced off, then you can replace it with an electric guitar! If your basement floods and all your imported porn games broke than you're totally fucked!

    And I know! I think I have some grey hairs already!
    I do like all my bosses. Mr. Logan fits pretty much every gay stereotype. I'm not even kidding. If he was on TV, gay rights people would be pissed. But he's super nice. Also, a 70-something dude made a pass at me. It's nice to know that I've still got it.
    woah master mew

    It's great to see you admit the Japanese 14 year old girl with pink hair inside of you :p.
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