• Snowy finally gets an endorsement from the Champion to participate in the Gym Challenge. Watch here as he learns about Dynamaxing and chases after Hop.
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  • Hey dude there's a problem. My DS broke so I can't trade until I get a new one. And since I'm a kid that'll be pretty hard. So yeah. I can still judge. It's just that I can't give anyone anything.

    P.S. I've been away from Bulbgarden for so long because I was trying to save up money and trying to fix my DS.
    Lol you must have gotten a new MSN. Someone is asking for it cause he Wants to "Spam at you" I was wondering when I could get that Trapinch back. I told that guy to buzz off anyway.
    Probably 252 EVs in Sp. Attack to get full potential of it, 252 EVs in Sp. Defense and 6 in HP. Unforunately, I haven't caught anything good yet.
    Yeah. How about a modest Regice?
    This Pokemon's special attack is above average and along with a potential choice specs, it is sure to deal great damage on the opponent.
    Sorry about that i went to church.

    ohh your offline, when you get back on we could do a 6 on 6 battle ^^
    Calm nature is good for Regice as it has the highest base sp. defense stat.
    Also, careful nature along with Avalanche is another good option.
    What do you think?
    I have finished your Avatar & Signature



    Please let me know when you are ready to trade.
    Again thank you very much for ordering. ^^
    I restarted my Sapphire game a few months ago and recently got into it again. I decided to catch a Regice with a helpful nature (preferably calm or modest) and good IVs, since my bold one in Platinum has started to be a little boring. However, that's no easy task, considering the fact that I have already wasted my master ball on Rayquaza.
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