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  • NMLewis continues his adventures in the Hoenn region. Watch here as he meets his father and helps some kid catch a Pokemon.
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  • Its modest but yeah. You can have it for free ^_^. Let me add your FC and meet you online =)
    Exploring the Forums, waiting for my shop to get approved. I have College classes in like half an hour though >.<
    LOL, I know. I've been ev training for the past 3 generations. But I only just found out about ivs, so I have a lot of carefully ev'd pokes with horrable stats. Its all about learning, I guess.
    Rng for shiny is easier (simpler) than rng for Ivs, but it requires your secret trainer ID.
    Thanks so much - I intend to start breeding for competitive battles when I beat HGSS. Right now I'm focused in putting together a shiny pokedex, and spend all my ply time chaining or rng for shinies :) Thank you again!
    I leveled it up as much as I could. If you would like to do a wifi battle so I can see what its lv100 nubers are, we could do that.
    Oh, I see.
    I use BleachGet.com, and watch it on the site.

    Oh I see.
    Hope I get VMed :p

    That's great.
    I'm just getting into the battling scene, so this shall be useful.

    Lol, true.
    Some people can't resist you know?
    I'm just surprised, you had to change your name and all, pretty dramatic :p

    Oh, true.
    Not sure if this is allowed, but what site do you watch your ep's on?

    Will do.
    Hopefull, I'll catch the next one lmao.

    What did Mikey do this time? :p

    Ahh nice.
    I'm into it as well.
    I watch the anime, occasionally read the manga.
    I'm on the latest anime ep.

    Did you just start liking Beach? :p

    Not much.
    Oh nice.
    I live in Canada, so I couldn't get one lmao.
    All these events are coming out, and a lot of people are pissed, including myself.

    I have a buddy who can get me the events, so I'm a little happy :p

    So what's up with you?
    I hear you are Forgotten, the Kirby master? :p

    Okay. Can I also get the shiny Porygon. I can give you Focus Punch, Energy Ball,
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