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  • I'm sorry I was at school ;.; I'm available now though><
    Edit-I have a different time zone here^^" sorry I got confused^^"
    That would be interesting. Still, im pretty adamant about the whole Sharingan thing. Ive seen way too many people abuse their love for Uchihas and auto-Susanoo and Mangekyo powers lol.
    Oh yes definitely. Id place a strict restriction on both anyway seeing as there should be no possible way for Sharingan to roaming about in people freely. Same for Mokuton. Any other bloodline limits that are reasonably obtained are allowed. Having overpowered characters is something we should avoid a lot.
    That's tough I mean I wouldnt incorporate them quite yet. Im assuming Boruto and Sarada should still be academy students. Despite Boruto's talent....so they shouldnt be too much of a factor.
    I don't think so. If we do, it'd have to be equally accessible for every player. And there would only be six Jinchuuriki so we'd have to see how many want to go that route OR if it remains balanced afterwards.
    Well while you are probably are right, I could've sworn I recall seeing Kakashi as Hokage state that while he did not want Sasuke executed anymore, he could not let him back into the village with his current crimes. I could be wrong though. He's not the issue. I think it'd be reasonable to say they lost the chakra but are still the best ninjas alive at the moment.

    I'm a bit unclear as to what happened to the Jinchuuriki at the end, the ending was a while back and unfortunately I have like 20 other mangas clouding my memory all the time. So please remind me lol?
    Sasuke is banished from the village so he's not too tough. Naruto pre-Hokage we can say is gone on training. Post-Hokage we can either keep him stationary in the village/office. But if that's too "out of character" in a sense we can come up with something else. Like we can make multiple conflicts at far off locations or something. I mean once you make the RP, we're going to make it clear that they're uncontrollable so it won't matter much.
    Ah that's going quite a bit back so I can't recall haha. Man I haven't seen that in years. I did some research and where he comes from is unnamed apparently. And I do remember they had a power similar to chakra embedded into stones. They make a lot of medieval references to him as well his name being the actual birthname of Genghis Khan.
    Yeah that's it. That works perfectly. Or they also be trying to take over the nation as well initially but then discover chakra and go after that as well.
    Well, with accounting the upcoming movie, I can say the first idea is the easiest to incorporate and it is also one ive thought about myself personally. The series shows a lot randomized technology (automated computer for the Chunin Exams and radios but no vehicles) but it'd be cool to see how the world would fight machines or modern weaponry for example. That's always been my look at it.
    Hey Madara (as I despise your new name with all my soul as of these past few months, just kidding). I missed this message by quite a while obviously but im back, unfortunately and probably too late for your offer. However, do not hesitate to inform me of any future RPs you plan to do. I just looked in the section and I couldnt find anything fresh enough to join yet but if there is, ill probably see if i can find a spot.
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