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  • Hey, Im hoping we can get together to clone sometime soon. I'm active once again here.
    Great! Your going to be like my new best friend. xD please feel free to keep any clones, of my clones! Specially the shinys. =3
    I'll admit I havent exactly added you yet, I'm sorry, I'm having computer problems, and I just got Pokemon Black & White. LOL. My laptops going in to get the hardrive replaced, and then I'll add you and we can set up a time where you can clone some shinys for me.
    hey masterkenobi i need ur service to clone pokemon i have a zorua with a 28/4/31/30/31/31 with a timid nature i want it clone if possible plz and thank you!
    Pretty angry that snow is back once again...at the end of March lol.
    But, other then that, I'm good.
    How are you?

    Lol, I really like that one, suits me well :p

    Lol, here we go...:)

    No no,

    thats fine, im use to eastern friends, do you have an IM? It would be easier to meet up that way, for me atleast, i have a hard time remembering to check Bulbapedia.. xD
    Eh, I should be around after the lectures, that is, anytime between 4PM and 2AM my time (9AM to 7PM EST).
    Hey I saw you posted in the cloning thread, was hoping you could help me out a bit with some shinys. When ever you have the time. I'll be using HeartGold
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