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  • always read your posting about Iris and always happy to have people agree with me because ther are people who say that the anime must be like manga
    to me no problem who the writers (the writer of manga or someone else) the important thing is who they draw the character and from anime Iris is the shit inside BW
    Better than nothing, I guess. And not that I'm doing much better, either. Place just somehow isn't as fun as it used to be.

    Well, I trust you're doing well, and probably following XY as much as you promised you would - which I guess wouldn't really be much at all. Enjoying it enough so far?
    This does look pretty promising! And yes, I am growing on Clemont superfast. He had me at the moment he did the Conway/Anyone who's ever worn glasses before GLASSES GLINT OF CREEPINESS. And being a crackshot inventor looks like it'll have a lot of entertainment potential. Considering I liked Max a lot, I don't see myself having any real issue with Bonnie. :p Hah, I honestly wouldn't mind Serena crushing on Ash either (though I'm still going to assume Ash will be oblivious as always). There should definitely be more to her than that; it's a shame we've not really gotten much specific info on her besides the fact that she knows Ash and that she likes fashion (and that she's getting Fennekin now)... I guess it'll come in due time! Considering the only Ash/Main Girl 'ship I ever liked beforehand was Ash/May, which by far is the LEAST likely thing that would happen thanks to Drew, I'm more than willing to give Serena a chance at that.

    The preview makes me hopeful for Ash, too! He's still his goofy optimistic self but not to the point of overkill and it looks like he has much better common sense in battling from what little we saw. I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he won't forget how to capture a Pokemon or give the middle finger to type advantages like he did nearly ALL THE TIME in BW. :p I'm really happy for the one-starter-per-character thing too. I knew from the get-go Ash getting all 3 in BW was gonna be bad, even worse when he went overboard in catching other Pokemon. I'm just gonna assume the staff has learned from their experience and Chespin/Clemont won't be doomed to what Mudkip/Brock were. Plus, this SHOULD mean Ash will actually evolve his damn Froakie... good god HE MIGHT ACTUALLY GET A FULLY EVOLVED WATER STARTER FOR ONCE HOLY CRAP
    So, you may not be following the anime anymore when XY premiers, eh? I can't say I blame you. But I do hope you still hang around here at least once in a while.
    Well, I would be going into my personal theory that the Satoshi we've been seeing all of this time since BW was an experimental clone with faulty programming. And I would be rambling for hours about it.

    Realistically, I'm not ruling out that possibility of that kid being a different person. It might be preferable because I'm a PokeShipper and that eliminates the competition. There's no reason to doubt that it's Satoshi right now, though.
    oh god, don't worry i've thought about the possibility of them trolling us......but i really REALLY want to hold on to the belief that they were childhood friends, I love it when the writers reference past stories. but since they're from different regions...it might be possible they never met.......

    HEHEHE Bonnie being an Ash/Clemont shipper is a REALLY CUTE IDEA. I'd love to see her as the mediator between those two~

    not ash and tieruno, more like calem and tieruno, but ash could easily take his place hohohoho

    i do. i also want ash x paul and ash x cilan and ash x gary and ash x basically half the pokemon cast. i just really like the awkward romantic advances on ash, it never ceases to entertain me.
    Why not both? tho, if ash and serena know each other from childhood, they might be more unacceptable to that behavior :p Clemont doesn't seem like a fighter. AAAHHH I was so excited when Tieruno's design was released AND HE CAN DANCE like woah, that already makes him more interesting that shooti.

    she's like 7, omg ash should have learned by now...but if it were up to him, they'd just be scavenging for fruits every day.

    if serena has a CANON ship on ash i will basically cry
    nah, i dont think it will be, but the possibility is there. i mean, for once, ash is going to be traveling with a boy his age.....what a time to be alive. I'm not sure...I'm still on the fence whether or not Serena will be the rival or traveling companion (though it's leaning towards the latter). There's still Shauna and Tieruno, so they might be the rivals (I'd LOOOOVE an anime-exclusive rival that doesn't suck tho! ;P)

    I'm worried for their safety, and their stomaches....

    lol techincally ash met serena before misty so she might have been one of the first girls in his lifeeee hhaha take that misty
    Haha, well why can't Ash be a suitable wife for Clemont, you know there's going to be sexual tension between them at one point or another ;P

    Everyone is so young this gen, Ash looks like he might be the oldest wtf.

    u can invite may, misty and dawn to the party, but i think they have their own boytoys to attend to...except misty derp
    how about.....

    Serena-------->ASH<--------Clemont (because that's how it usually works)

    We're talking about shipping, right? ;D
    The fact that this could be a foursome is a plus for me immediately, since AG was my favorite group and things never quite felt the same since they reverted back to trios. I'm still kinda wondering why Clemont was chosen to be a main character, but he's dragging along a sibling and I'd dig seeing a reversal of the May/Max dynamic. I think Serena would be better as a main character... I think BW has given us more than enough of the Alexis screentime we'll need. :p She does not come off as a character I feel like watching every episode for the next few years.

    Welp, it's worth giving XY a chance, at least. I've learned from Best Wishes to keep my optimism at the cautious level at all times now so this can't tear me up too bad if it turns out sucky. XD
    I think that most people think that it would be boring because of how it would be so one-sided if Ash used his Charizard against a new trainer. That's what happened when he battled Casey. It would be kind of interesting if they could handle it better now than they did back then, but I like the fresh start method for each new series. It helps to keep things refreshing and we get to see more new Pokemon sooner. I imagine that Charizard will come to the Kalos region at some point to Mega Evolve into Mega Charizard though.
    U Excited for the Pokemon XY Anime or not really Man because I AM VERY EXCITED FOR IT AND I WANT Ash to Get Froakie and who is Your Favorite Starter and Kalos Pokemon so Far.
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