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  • Definitely. While BW has been lackluster and disappointing in a lot of areas, it hasn't made me want to stop watching the anime either. I don't know if they could even do something so bad for me to consider doing so. I'm just hoping that XY will be more of an improvement over BW.
    I could've seen this episode play out more or less the same way if Misty, May, or Dawn were in Iris' shoes. Mainly because all three of them have had their spats with Ash before, and while their spats could be entertaining (or had elements to the episode with 'em that made them at least amusing), there was nothing for this one. It was an absolute bore. Of ALL people, Iris was not the one they should've gone the hurt/comfort fluff route on. Because... yeah, this episode was stupid and boring. In other words, Dogasu was absolutely right about it. :p

    If I had to say something positive for it, I'd say this episode taught me NOT what to do when handling main cast feuds in my story. :D Speaking of which, good god do NOT try to read Trifecta all in one shot, I swear it will kill you. Within another chapter or two, the story's total length will surpass half a million words across just 20-something chapters. But yeah, I'm pleased with it! It's been going on since November 2008, and I still think about it every day. So it's too bad my main roadblocks are A) work exhausting me, and B) me being unable to write if I'm sad or pissed. Which Best Wishes is an expert in making me feel so very much. :p I wonder if I would've gotten the chapter done if Boomerang hadn't reran the full DP series these past few months, since that did a lot to reinvigorate my spirit (then make me angry all over again as I see the DP episodes again, then look to the BW episodes and ask HOW DID THIS HAPPEN again). But in my latest chapter I did manage to use Best Wishes to fuel my desire to finish up the chapter. I've got nice things like Barry complaining about how pokemon evolving at a critical point in a gym battle is overly cliche and cheap, AND a case a disobedience mid-battle that was done much better than anything in BW. I may have to devote more time into mocking Best Wishes so I can power through a few more chapters. XD But at least then I can say that shitty series did SOMETHING for me.
    Okay, I decided to take your offer and watch the episode. I needed to wait until I was already in a state of being perpetually pissed off no matter what happened so I knew there was no chance of this episode ruining my good mood... so basically wait until for the hardcore PMSing to kick in. :p

    SO YEAH... I think the only thing that amused me was Snivy being like "god this is such stupid drama bullshit" (which just reminds me why she's one of the few BW Pokemon I like, though only for her character these days), and Meowth having his "dramatic background" moment interrupted did actually make me laugh. :p Otherwise... this was a dull chore of an episode to watch and no matter HOW MUCH this show tries to brainwash me of its wicked ways, I definitely did not feel like Ash and Iris got closer, or had any closeness that warranted any of this crap. :\ I can see where they were trying to make it out like how both parties were at fault for the Dunsparce incident, but really... I still see it as Iris' fault because unlike Pikachu, Axew has no excuse never being in its pokeball which would've prevented Axew getting in Pikachu's way if it was, bleh. And Axew is the kind who NEEDS to be in its damn ball because we've seen the great number of occasions where things have gone to shit because Axew is a trouble-prone babby and Iris is an inattentive mom. The flower-crushing thing by comparison couldn't really be helped obviously, and dammit, honestly there were PLENTY of the damn things and they hadn't walked that far. If it mattered that much to Iris that Ash ACCIDENTALLY crushed them, she should've just gone back with Axew and got new ones, god. :|
    I wonder if I'll be able to get any kind of joy of Ash finally giving Iris some lip, given how Best Wishes has jaded me and put me in a perpetual state of morose detachment. I'll only truly feel joy again when Iris parts with Ash for reals. :p

    According to the history of the document file, this chapter started in January 2012. So yeah, an ASS-LONG time!

    It also took me a week to reply to your VM because I finally FINISHED THAT MOTHERFUCKER OF A CHAPTER YEEEEEEEEEEEEUUHHHH!!
    Kind of better, I think! I'm finally making REAL progress on Trifecta 19 (55 pages/38k words, final stage of the Paul vs Candice battle). I'm going to feel fucking fantastic once I get that chapter out.
    Yeah... to be honest, I'm more inclined to believe Dogasu's word above everyone else's about this episode. :p And I can only take so many of Best Wishes' shameless LIES. Pretty sure this episode will just make me wish it's October already.

    (besides, I'm already full of inspiration to shit on Best Wishes through my fic at every possible opportunity XD)
    I see. And you're probably right, not I that can see what kind of developments can happen from this dispute, anyway (course, I may need more details on it).

    Has it really been ten episodes without "You're such a kid"? That's probably the longest gap we'll ever get for that.
    Wow, I see you're not enthusiastic about the upcoming Ash/Iris argument episode... though maybe I shouldn't blame you.
    I suppose it's fitting that when Ash finally wins a tournament in Best Wishes, it's short-lived and utterly forgettable. XD
    Negai had so much promise!! Ash hadn't been that challenged by a girl since Misty and even then, you could argue that Misty was a bit lenient on him. I like the dynamics between Ash and Iris a lot because I feel like they could learn a lot from each other. And I think that the fact Brock has shown STRONG interest towards women deters him from being shipped with his traveling partners quite a bit...I mean, you could argue that he stayed with Ash for a REALLY FREAKING LONG TIME for no apparent reason but in the end, you could tell that their relationship was pretty platonic (*cough* that doesn't stop me from shipping it tho :p). Cilan on the otherhand has NOT displayed romance for ANYONE which I thought was really strange since he works in basically a butler cafe and I thought he would woo someone by now! I don't think people ship him exclusively because of his VA, but his VA does do a GREAT job at portraying his character and bringing life to him, so he makes him more likeable (which I guess makes him more shipable).

    idk why i can ship negai and cafemocha but not wishful haha. i guess it's because it had that ikarishipping feeling to it in the beginning but they've had a lot more interactions now and i can even admit that they're cute together. Even if DA or even BW as a whole isn't very heavy on shipping, I kinda like that...gives the fandom more to do ^^;

    This semester I took Geography (and the lab), Japanese, Biological Anthropology and Professional Writing. Not the most exciting classes, but at least I'll be done with my core requirements.
    Suuuuure. Um, probably the end of it, since I've been anticipating Cilan and Iris's farewell since the beginning, knowing it was going to rip my heart out. I don't know if I'm ready for it though. Other than that, I'm curious to see if they're actually going to bring back butterfree or if the poster just trolled us again.

    *despair* Okay, let's just say that I don't think I failed any of them...but is my gpa going to drop this semester? yeah, probably....a lot.
    Iris admits to being a kid. But that will never happen. :(

    Might be the reason Iris has been calling him a kid less and less.
    I hope it's more than that. We need more, given how Iris teased Ash more than other girls from the start. ^^

    Yeah, I watched that episode. NOT surprisingly, someone uploaded and subbed it on YT, haha. :D I still can't understand why Iris and Cilan didn't know about his adventures until that point. I mean, what do they talk about while traveling? Surely they run out of topics. And Ash has like 12 movies and 600+ episodes worth of talk. xD
    We'll see. It should be an interesting episode. :D

    Well, I don't know ... I'll wait until the episodes are subbed. :I I didn't have much time either.
    That you're not a fan. xD

    But that's okay, she'll win over your heart in time, she has the entire Decolora arc. xD

    And now I gotta watch that first episode to see if I'll enjoy it. To tell you the truth, I didn't even finish episode N. :I
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