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  • Yeah, I saw it. :D But still like wtf, Ash rode both legendaries in the movies and you still haven't had enough? :p

    Hmm, so you're not her biggest fan ... but you are a fan. :pPP
    And wow, I can't believe the reaction of Ash fans on the image of Iris on Zekrom, lol.
    Lol, Paul holding hands .... AND SMILING! xD

    And ofc, I immediately thought of CPigg when I saw that, lol.
    Ah, the joy of procrastinating. xD

    Not much, just got home for a week-long break so hopefully I'll be able to catch up on the first DA! episode. :D
    You totally agree with me don't even lie Matsundere-kun

    Yeah, totally. I don't think that either of them had a lot of friends growing up, haha. With Cilan's myriad of interests, I think he mostly confined himself to obsessing alone and we saw Iris's story. Ash may have been one of the closest friends they've made :(

    I think it was more of shock; like he's totally fine with abandoning them since it's nothing new to him, so I guess he's having a hard time wondering why people don't feel the same? XD


    Like 'shit he's going...i gotta make an excuse to keep following him around....thAT'S RIGHT DRAGONS'

    and then Cilan basically just latches on to her excuse

    'Ooooh kanto, what marvelous~ pokemon can i taste there?/ohohoh I GUESS iT CAN'T BE HELPED I'LL FOLLOW U TOO'

    these two have serious abandonment issues
    Hey Hey You wouldn't be doing this if you didnt' enjoy it as well!! I'm callin' you out!
    (and omg that is so cute aaaaah she's going to be so disappointed when cilan and ash finally leave oh poor baby)

    I gotta rewatch AG at some point, because when I first watched it, I did not care about Ash at all, omg, it was all about TR and May for me. But seeing other people's rewatches and thoughts, he was a SASSMASTER back then, I think it was when he felt the most confident and cocky.

    Barry's not an important enough rival *pat pat* I'm sorry. If they pull this stuff off again in the next gen, I wonder what BW rival will be represented, if any?
    Maybe this series has just worn down my tolerance to bullshit and everything feels shittier to me than it actually is. It feels like at least every other episode I see, I want to kick Ash and/or Iris in the face for something stupid and/or annoying they do and/or say. I've been told by Episode N that Cilan does actually point out Iris' retarded hypocrisy that isn't humorous ever (since I noticed it for this week's dub episode and was like "YES, YES, DO THIS ALL THE TIME CILAN, IT IS REFRESHING TO HEAR THIS") more often, which is an improvement, but damn. I'd prefer the trio to actually get good rather than settle for being not that bad or more tolerable than usual. I really just don't see it whenever anyone claims that this trio is the absolute best they've ever done in terms of chemistry and entertainment value. Even if Iris is being like, supportive of Ash during a major battle or something, whatever she says usually flies right over my head because it's that damn generic... and almost artificial given how much shit she's needlessly given him over most of Best Wishes. :p

    Still annoys me to no end that any time there's an episode that focuses on Iris and she has some kind of problem, all the important stuff gets glossed over and it feels like the entire point of the problem is missed. And in cases like her backstory being expanded on, it just brings about more questions than answers and makes pretty much every aspect of Iris' character hypocritical. It kinda makes me not want to see her focused on anymore and just have her be sentient wallpaper until she gets dumped off with Clair forever (oh how I wish). Everything Best Wishes has just gotten terribly run into the ground for me, so even despite being a year shorter than the previous series, it feels like it's dragged on twice as long just by how much it's been a pain in my ass. ><
    Haha I like how in this thread me and Shinneth pretty much have opposite views and the same amount of likes on each post, it's like a war XD Woaah, did that really happen? That sounds so cute (and typical of her character :p). I'm looking forward to Ash finally snapping at Iris too, like yeah, you're right, when he gets mad, he doesn't exactly control it...

    I honestly did not even really like his character until Diamond and Pearl when I saw what Shinji had been doing to him; finally being challenged like that fleshed out his (what I once perceived as boringly invincible) character. I feel like he has to take a few steps backwards sometimes to keep his character on a relatively relatable level. I wonder how he's gonna act next gen? (if he's even there)
    Thank you!! Oh wow, it's so beautiful, I can't believe this is the final stretch before he has to go with a new group :(

    I feel like a little guardian ask-fairy has been watching over me this entire time *wipes tear*

    With #2, I thought that Scott had asked it!! But the follow-up/response about the "maybe I'm thinking too basic" made me think otherwise, because Scott would never be that humble :p Thanks for that ask, my answer's been received pretty well X'D
    i think one of them had a bigger picture of the bw da! poster????!!! I want to see that again with cilan crying :(

    You probably sent me the ask about negaishipping too :p
    Yeah, it's not too hard to predict the kind of shit they'll pull in an attempt to convince me these three are the tightest of friends. Tsundere Iris will no doubt be the most annoying part of it and that's most likely what they're gonna drag out. I bet it'll be somewhat like Max's farewell scene, only extremely terrible.
    Hey hey hey, you had more vm's than this!!! (I was going to answer them eventually, I swear >_>;;;)

    Anyways, I saw, and I kinda had a feeling that was you :p (You should just get a tumblr!!) I thought the same thing when the screenshot was first released.

    And I haven't really been watching the anime either. Reminds me of my late hoenn days when I would literally just look at screenshots on filb during the japanese release and scan through them to see if there were any cool TR scenes.
    Good luck with those finals, then.

    Well, that wouldn't surprise me. Shippers get giddy over the most trivial things, after all. :p
    Hey, it's sure been a while. How have you been doing?

    Yeah, his snapping at Iris would certainly be something to look forward to, especially if it's for calling him a kid again. It's probably about time something like that happened.
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