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  • It seems Shark has reset your challenge so you can use whatever team you want to next time you battle me *hint hint.*
    Apology accepted. Anyway, as far as I know VMing is the quickest way to comunicate with other users. I do think I know why your VMs "require moderator approval" (however, since none of mine have ever required approval, this is just a theory.) This has actually been brought up before, so I'll just quote the people who brought it up:

    Hey guys,
    Does anyone know why most of my posts read "This Message is Moderated" at the bottom? I'm new to this, but it seems that whenever it says this, the intended recipient of my post is not seeing what I've posted...
    lol Can anyone shed any light on this?
    Most likely because you just made your account so I think it's the forum's way of making sure spambots don't go through. Unfortunately your posts won't appear to regular members unless a moderator has approved them. I can look over your posts and fix them for you, but it should go away once you post more :)
    Again, this hasn't happened to me, so I have no idea if it'll work for you. If you want to try and increse your post count to see if this goes away, I recomend the Outside The Box and Fun & Games sections... Or I could just tell them that you want your challenge reset myself.
    Hello, I just wanted to draw your attention to something regarding that last battle we had which I didn't notice: that team you used was different that the one you used against me before, and you had won a badge since then, which is against the league rules. So, next time you have a gym battle could you please use the team you used against Alexey.
    Neither am I. But I’ve taken it for 8 years so might as well put it to use xD And it means "I am ready now."
    I have to take care of something first so if I could ask you to wait for a bit.
    And that is why I like Foul play. Anyway, GG. Also, I like the Scolipede+M. Garchomp combo and feel it could work well had it not been shut down by the aforementioned Foul play.
    Ah sorry I was busy during the weekend. I'm guessing you'd want to challenge both of my gyms, let me know what's a good time that you can do the battle and we'll try to meet up :)
    GG, that was less of a Struggle then I thought. Now, as for feedback: 1: Why didn't you send Shuckle on on Klefki when it was clear that the keychain couldn't touch Shuckle? 2: Why did you sack Drifblim when you did and 3: are any of your 'mons IV breed?
    Well, I can't understand the purpose of Drifblim, to be honest
    Other than that, I believe you're fine (provided that other Pokemon are the Pokemon you're actually building around, and aren't there simply because you can put them there)
    Yes, I am. From now on and until 2am MSK I'm available to battle.
    If you aren't online during this time period, we should probably schedule a battle
    I'm kinda crap when it comes to determining EVs so I won't ask about those. I do, however, have a question regarding IVs: are you're 'mons IV breed? I was just wondering because one of those record things said you haven't used the Judge once. Other than that, I only have one question: Why did you sack Bronzong so early? (And what's it's set?)
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