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  • All right. I had forgotten how the BulbaGarden forum profile works so I forgot they add fields for the various games' Friend Codes, LOL.

    Ah, I don't blame you. You should probably go into the Wi-Fi Club room first since the server doesn't like me when I go in there first a lot of the time, LOL.
    Well two hours isn't that long haha

    I've no idea what it is then.

    I can trade now too. I haven't watched the show since Johto
    Eh, sure. I can trade then.

    I remember most of the things from that route since I was looking for things there. What was it?

    What TV show?
    Yeah, I can trade pretty much any time as long as I'm not sleeping. How about in around ten minutes?

    Lucky regardless of what it is. If it's a Pawniard, then very lucky.
    Yesterday I ended up hatching a shiny DW Aron when I was trying to get more DWF. Riolu/Lucario have a great shiny sprite
    They sure are in high demand haha. Who knows, maybe you might find a shiny with all the hatching. But yeah, I don't mind waiting.
    Well, here's what I have:

    Hydration Smoochum w/Wake up Slap
    Inner Focus Kangaskhan
    Drought Vulpix
    Inner Focus Drowzee w/Psycho Cut
    Adamant Immunity Gligar w/Agility + Baton Pass
    Jolly Water Absorb Cacnea w/Low Kick
    Oblivious Spheal
    Heavy Metal Aron
    Prankster Sableye
    Adamant Cloud Nine Lickitung
    Soundproof Snover
    Technician Mr. Mime
    Harvest Exeggcute w/ Leaf Storm + Giga Drain
    Infiltrator Zubat
    Modest Swift Swim Poliwag
    Sheer Force Trapinch
    Anticipation Eevee
    I wanted to post on your page :O

    Pointless message is pointless.

    P.S. You share your birthday with my father. And my birthday is exactly one month before all of you XD
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