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  1. Max1996

    Random Images Remastered (v4)

  2. Max1996

    Eeveelution Quiz!!!

    Hmm, Vaporeon...
  3. Max1996

    Random Images Remastered (v4)

  4. Max1996

    The Situation Room 4.0: A Mafia situation

    https://forums.bulbagarden.net/index.php?threads/war-of-the-elements-v7-do-over-sign-ups-05-21-2020.280603/ Hurry and sign up to take the final two open spots!
  5. Max1996

    Random Images Remastered (v4)

  6. Max1996

    Last thing you ate/drank before posting in this thread Vol. 2

    Apple pie and some water.
  7. Max1996

    Non-Mafia War of the Elements v7 Do-Over - Sign-Ups - 05/21/2020

    7: @Soulmaster 15: @Crystal Onix I still need confirmation from you two as to whether or not you'll play in this re-do of the game.
  8. Max1996

    Random Images Remastered (v4)

  9. Max1996

    The Situation Room 4.0: A Mafia situation

    3 more to go! Come on in!
  10. Max1996

    quiz: which starter is most compatible with you?

  11. Max1996

    Random Images Remastered (v4)

  12. Max1996

    The Situation Room 4.0: A Mafia situation

    4 spots to go! Come and get them, quickly! https://forums.bulbagarden.net/index.php?threads/war-of-the-elements-v7-do-over-sign-ups-05-21-2020.280603/
  13. Max1996

    Notice The War Room's New Game Schedule/Queue

    Persona 3!? Absolutely in!