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  • Hey, so I don't mind you having a bunch of NPCs attack and shit like that. I in fact encourage that sort of worldbuilding. But if it's not too much trouble, I would like you to keep me privvy to details like who exactly they are and why they're after the PCs so I can work it in properly with the rest of the game world.
    Okay. But the Atlantean language is dangerous. So it's a bad idea to just pass it around to anyone. Atlantis sunk below the sea millenia ago, but their toys are still around. So Sid could teach club members, but has to be careful to not let it fall into the wrong hands.
    Ah, it's something of a plot point that very very few people can read it. It takes the form of a sort of sixth sense. To most people, Atlantean looks like it's just a bunch of vertical lines engraved in stone, like this: ||||||||||||||||||||
    But to someone who carries the blood of the royal family of Atlantis in their veins, looking at it would make you hear voices. Like someone else is using your mind to think. So if you decided you want Sid to be able to read Atlantean, looking at those lines would make him sort of 'hear' whatever messages those lines conveyed in his head. The reason I think Sid in particular should know is because the Atlanteans invented magic, or at least were the first to actually study it and use it for their own ends. I'd ask Suki, but he doesn't post much, so...Anyhow, it's okay if you don't want it, I can just ask someone else to do it, but I think it would be coolest if a magic user was the one.
    Nice avatar. Seems Grimlock's going to be in Age of Extinction; I'd like to see how the Dinobots are explained in that universe.
    okay i just wanted an ambush as i thought word might have gotten out and i wanted a more interesting story at the end of the game for chracters meeting eachother and all that
    Am I allowed to use Absol? I'll take away it's ability to sense danger and it'll be younger than Pecha, so therefore it'll be weaker and hopefully not overpowered...
    Hey, since Pecha is going to die, is it okay if my next character is a Zorua? I felt like I needed to ask since the guy who tried to be a Zoroark wasn't accepted, but since Zorua's unevolved and much weaker, it could be better...
    Hey, you know that PMD Roleplay you're hosting? Is it alright if I re-do my sign-up sheet? I just feel like my character isn't really interesting enough, and there's a lot of things I would like to change about it.

    EDIT: Is it alright if I use a Gen 6 Pokemon?
    I read through some old rp's and I found your Pokemon vs. Wild and thought it was a really cool idea. I hope you make another rp that's like that one.
    just wanted to tell you I have been trying to get Tagin to where you are in PMD, and just got him there. For future reference is all.
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