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    Things You Hate About New Generations Approaching

    The fact that I get really into it and know all the new Pokemon before I get the game. On that note, I probably won't be posting here for quiet a while, as I don't want a repeat of Gen V. (I only found one Pokemon a surprise. Last time other than that must've been Pearl, my second game.) -Me!
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    Did you ever use the special balls? (Heal balls, Luxuray Balls...etc etc...)

    Generally not, though I did use a Heal Ball in Pinwheel Forest on White, when most of my team were on low health to avoid going back to the Pokemon Centre. I didn't realise until after Twist Mountain that Doctors and Nurses heal Pokemon.
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    Video Games Poll #56 Do you like the Pokémon World Tournament?

    I really like it. My main problem is that I haven't got my team from SS, but if I transfer them forwards they're trapped. I might clone my Emerald team, as that's more balance than my White 2. It's a little imbalanced with 5 Water Leaders but only 2 Poison, but I have no trouble with Water, as...
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    Last Gen! Who is still playing?

    I'm mainly playing the Emerald Battle Frontier, though I recently got a win streak of 14 in the Battle Arcade with my friend on SS. Might get around to training my SS tem to 100, though not for a while. -Me!
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    Do you have any shiny pokemon from the older games?

    Not sure if I've poste here already, but I have a shiny Camerupt (caught as Numel), and a Golbat on Emerald. Didn't find out you could RNG untill after I'd trained Camerupt, so Golbat was even luckier.
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    Ever had your name as a NPC or a trainer(not yourself)?

    In the ferry on Emerald, there's a gentleman with a variation of my name.
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    If you could be any Pokemon

    I'd probably be a humanoid, because anything else would be to wierd. Lucario or Zoroark I think. Oddly enough, two I wouldn't normally say I like. EDIT: Probably Zoroark really, because Illusion would be fun to trick people with.
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    The New Official Claim-An-Item(s) Thread!

    Max Revive - Me! - 24-5-12 Dome Fossil - Me! - 24-5-12
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    Starter Pokemon Survey

    Male, and just barely Water. When actually counting, I've used; (excluding Scramble challenge) two Fire, two Grass, three Water.
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    Out of all the music in the games, which one is your favorite?

    GEN I: Lavender Town. GEN II: Not heard many originals - GB Sounds are slightly off - but I like Burned Tower, Dragons' Den and Violet City. GEN III: I honestly can't remember most of the music XD. Sootopolis was good, and Emerald's mad weather theme. Oh, and Shadow Lugia's theme. GEN IV...
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    What was/is your Pokemon team for RSE?

    Secptile, Aggron, Walrein, Kadabra, Camerupt and Altaria.
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    Favorite Frontier Facility?

    Now that I've had a chance to try Emerald's Facilities, I can say from Hoenn I like the Battle Dome the best.
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    LT Weekly Poll #33 Favourite Mystery Dungeon game?

    I liked PMD Red and Blue. While the guild was nice, I found they were more hinderance than help. And getting the huge rewards, then only getting 1/10 of it, despite doing all the work. Not nearly as fun as just getting payed small amounts, but getting it all. Hope the next one (if they make it)...
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    Your First Level 100 Pokemon

    Lucario, trained by one of my friends, thorugh trade. Not ever trained one myself though. Closest so far is ~76. -Me!
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Re: Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-4) Thanks for the info. A little more research shows that Walrein can also learn the move from the tutor, so I don't have any worries about evolution. Only really teching for powered up Ice Ball. -Me!