• Snowy faces off against Nessa. Watch here as he flounders around a bit against the Water type specialist.
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  • wow how long are you going to flame me and my giveaways? and if you are, at least know what you are talking about and proper English sure helps
    I believe it was a Nidoran female...could be wrong, though. Anyways, consider it a Xmas gift. When you get your wifi working, Ill send it to you for free.
    yeah, to be honest im not your super pro sniper, and true.
    people quit all the time.
    oh, i didnt get black ops, i just borrowed it. lol
    i was never the best at it anyways, so it didnt matter much
    but i play halo: reach.
    Well if your breeding SS seems to be more the logical choice due to the fact their is one less NPC by the day care.

    if your capturing either one is a good choice but SS has cool new pokeballs
    You'll just have to keep checking back. You'll know when you have to water the plants when the soil starts to dry, which will be very visible. If you let it get too dry, the amount of berries they'll reap will be reduced. The times you'll have to water them will vary with the berry's growth time.
    hey man, i was Olicool, idk if you remember from your 1000 views giveaway, you said i could have a shiny Deoxys, and i think you kinda forgot it, so i just wanted to know if it was still pending.
    Oh, well maybe all you have to do is change the security setting on your router. There are certain encryption types that the DS (and Wii) won't accept. The one I use is WEP 128-bit.
    Did your parents lock you out of wifi on purpose? Or was it by accident? Oh yeah, that does stink. I'm not much of a battler though. You'd probably destroy me pretty easy xD I know what you mean. I want to get AR for the same reason. I'm not sure if I'll be able to though. And heck yeah! It's totally fun being a game nerd :D
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